Definitions for "BPAY"
an electronic scheme through which you can ask us to make payments on your behalf to Billers who tell you that you can make payments to them through BPAY. You may use BPAY through Internet Banking and Enhanced Internet Banking.
BPAY is a payments clearing organisation owned by a group of retail banks. Individuals who hold accounts with a BPAY participating financial institution can pay billing organisations which participate in BPAY, using account transfers initiated by phone or internet. The transfers may be from savings, cheque or credit card accounts.
BPay is an Australia-wide electronic bill payment service, offered by most financial institutions. It enables consumers to pay bills to a range of businesses registered with the service via their phone banking or internet banking account. Customers use a unique Biller code for each business and an allocated reference number for their bill. Funds come out of their credit card or savings account. Payments can be made 24 hours, 7 days a week which are then processed either the same day or the next day. A similar rival scheme set up by Australia Post is called POSTbillpay.