Definitions for "Electronic Funds Transfer"
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EFT. Any transfer of funds that is initiated by electronic means, such as an...
A process that enables employees to have their payroll checks automatically deposited to their accounts or have regular monthly payments deducted automatically.
The electronic exchange of information between financial institutions, which results in debits and credits.
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ERG theory Expected Profit With Perfect Information
is a payment executed through computers.
Financial transactions, including payments, deposits, etc., that are conducted using electronic or computer-based technology. These may be manual, such as ATM withdrawals, or automatic.
A method of payment. It is convenient, helps prevent installment agreement defaults, and saves processing costs.
The paperless act of transmitting money through a computer network.
Financial transactions and information about such that is processed between financial institutions.
A computerized system that processes financial transactions and information about these transactions or performs the exchange of value between two parties.
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