Definitions for "DDA"
Disabilitiy Discrimination Act
State of Maryland Developmental Disabilities Administration - An agency in the State government charged with providing services to individuals with developmental disabilities in Maryland. DDA is located within Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.
Developmental Disabilities Administration, under the State of Maryland WEBSITE
UN Department for Disarmament Affairs
UN Department of Disarmament Affairs
United Nations Department of Disarmament Affairs
Demand Deposit Account. Compares to an individual's checking account except interest is paid daily on all balances. All incoming and outgoing wires, Advances credits and debits, as well as any principal and interest payments from securities and Advances are posted into the DDA.
Demand Deposit Account. The individual business bank account that is credited or debited for deposits, fees, and adjustments.
Demand Deposit Account. The merchant hometown bank account.
Dynamic Data Authentification : An off-line smart card authentification method supported as an option by EMV and using asymetric cryptography (RSA for instance) for proving the card is not cloned or counterfeit.
Dynamic Data Assimilation
Defence Dental Agency.
Development Disposition Agreement. A binding agreement between the agency and the developer regarding the sale and development of certain property in the redevelopment project area. Eminent Domain: Authority of a government agency to acquire property when it can be shown that the property is acquired for a public purpose and for the public good and that the owner has received a just compensation. The power of eminent domain (also known as condemnation) is given to the redevelopment agency through the redevelopment plan, which becomes an ordinance after the City Council's approval following a public hearing.
Delhi Development Authority
Doha Development Agenda
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Difficult Development AReas. Counties designated by HUD as having high construction costs, land and utility costs, relative to the AMI. Projects located in these counties can increase their eligible basis by 30%. DDA's are published annually by HUD.
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Danish Data Archives
Depreciation Depletion and Amortization
Digital Differential Analyzer.
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Direct Die Attach. Direct Chip Attach
Abbreviation for depth–duration–area value.