Definitions for "AREA AGENCY ON AGING"
Keywords:  nonprofit, psa, aaa, senior, referral
An agency designated by the State Unit on Aging in a planning and service area (PSA) to develop and administer the area plan for a comprehensive and coordinated system of aging services.
A quasi-governmental entity mandated by the Older Americans Act. A public or nonprofit private agency or office designated by the Department of Elder Affairs to coordinate and administer the Department's programs and to provide, through contracting agencies, service within a planning and service area (PSA). The area agencies on aging are used as the state network at the district level. Area Plan - document submitted by the Area Agency on Aging to the state unit on aging which identifies and prioritizes needs and specifies how needs will be met through service provision and other activities for the period of the plan.
Local programs that offer help to older people, including transportation services, meals, personal care, day health care, and skilled nursing care. Pennsylvania residents can click here to find their Local Agencies on Aging.
a grassroots organization responding to needs in its communities