Definitions for "ESA"
Endorsed Supplier Arrangement (ESA)-a system for pre-qualifying suppliers in the Information Technology, Major Office Machine, Commercial Office Furniture and Auctioneering industries that wish to sell to Commonwealth Government agencies, see
Endorsed Supplier Arrangement. a multi-use list which pre-qualifies suppliers in the information technology, major office machine, commercial office furniture, and auctioneering industries. The ESA must be used by FMA Act agencies for purchases of information technology and major office machines, and is encouraged for purchases of commercial office furniture and auctioneering services.
( nterprise ystems and pplications) A division within the Information Technology department here at Rice University.
Enterprise Systems Architecture ( IBM)
Enterprise System Architecture. See MVS/ESA.
Enterprise Service Agreement - A bundle of services that the customer purchases which includes both maintenance and services support.
Environmentally Sensitive Area. An area defined by MAFF (now Defra) for which grant aid is available for appropriate agricultural and water/land management.
Environmental Services Association
Environmentally Significant Area. A natural area ,which because of its features or characteristics, is significant to Calgary from an environmental perspective, and has the potential to remain viable.
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Exchange Settlement Account. An account held at the RBA by financial institutions to settle financial obligations arising from the clearing of payments.
Exchange Settlement Accounts. Accounts held with the RBA by other banks to settle payments to other banks.
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Escola de Sargentos das Armas
Educational Service Agency. A regional public agency authorized by State law to develop, manage, and provide services or programs to local educational agencies. An ESA is also an administrative agency for special education and related services provided within Alaska's public elementary and secondary schools. The Special Education Service Agency (SESA) offices are located in Anchorage.
Emergency Services Authority, the governing body for all emergency service organisations in the ACT except Police
Employment service area
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The uropean pace gency. more
Esa, daughter of Etain, is a character from Irish mythology mentioned in the Banshenchas
Ecological Society of America
Entomological Society of America
Europe Space Agency ‰¢B‰F'
Philip Morris Europe Employee
Electronic Spark Advance (Chrysler)
Encapsulating Security Payload. A mechanism which provides confidentiality and integrity protection to IP datagrams.
Coverdell Education Savings Account. An investment vehicle designed to help...
Federal and State legislation that provides protection for species that are in danger of extinction.
Endangered Species Act
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electrostatic analyzer (also see "E")
Entertainment Software Association.
Engineering Support Activity - the Military activity designated as responsible for the maintenance, review and approval of technical engineering data for a specific item. Each service has a specified ESA location.
Employment Standards Administration
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See External Sales Agent.