Definitions for "EPD"
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the expected difference between the performance of an animal's progeny and the average progeny performance of all the animals in the breed.
See expected progeny difference.
expected progeny difference. One-half of the breeding value; the difference in performance to be expected from future progeny of a sire, compared with that expected from future progeny of an average bull in the same test.
Georgia's Environmental Protection Division
Effective Partnership Division
Environmental Product Declaration. A declaration of a product's environmental impact during its life cycle. Available from Electrolux for many products.
End_of_Packet delimiter
Early Packet Discard. A congestion control technique that selectively drops all but the last ATM cell in a Classical IP over ATM packet. When congestion occurs, EPD discards cells at the beginning of an IP packet, leaving the rest intact. The last cell is preserved because it alerts the switch--and the destination station--of the beginning of a new packet. Because IP packets from which cells have been discarded receive n o acknowledgment from the destination, they are automatically retransmitted from the source. Most vendors expect EPD to be used in conjunction with unspecified bit rate (UBR) service. Switches simply junk UBR cells when congestion occurs, without regard for application traffic. By discarding cells selectively, so that whole IP packets are resent, EPD makes UBR a safer option.
A mechanism used by some ATM switches to avoid unwanted congestion in packet traffic. If the amount of the buffer space consumed at an outgoing port exceeds a threshold, EPD discards new packets while packets already partially transmitted remain unaffected.
EPD is a new encapsulated vectorial graphic format. The idea is very simple and powerful: EPD uses the standard PDF graphic syntax with a Bounding Box describtion
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Electro Phoretic Dip
Elementary Process Description
Extended Position Description is a industry standard for describing chess positions.
Energetic Particles Detector
End Path Delay. A measure of the maximum delay the echo canceller can handle; usually measured in milliseconds (ms)
The Canadian Export and Import Controls Bureau (EPD) is the agency for dual use exports (commercial items that may have military applications) and determines whether or not a shipment requires an Export Permit.
Employee paid disability benefits through Liberty Mutual Insurance
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External relations