Definitions for "Record of Decision"
Keywords:  eis, cleanup, nepa, concise, superfund
A document which provides the definitive record of the cleanup alternative that will be used to remediate a hazardous waste site. The ROD is based on the Remedial Investigation / Feasibility Study and public comment.
A Record of Decision is a report issued by the Federal Highway Administration. It documents the reasons for recommending a particular transportation improvement for implementation. It is the final document required by the National Environmental Policy Act. It is issued after all public review of a proposed project is completed and after the release of a Final Environmental Impact Statement.
Under NEPA, a concise public record that states what an agency's decision was, identifies all alternatives considered by the agency and the factors considered by the agency, and states whether all practicable means to avoid or minimize environmental harm from the alternative selected have been adopted or if not, why not.