Definitions for "Registration"
The act of registering; registry; enrollment.
The process of being advised, selecting courses appropriate to the student's academic goals, and officially establishing a course load and schedule sanctioned by the advisor.
process of reserving spaces for one's self in courses
The printing process is comprised of different colors combined together to form the desired color. In this process, each color is applied to the paper in a different section of the printing press. Registration refers to the positioning of the various colors so they combine in the correct locations with the correct densities.
Correct alignment of the different colour plates.
with forms, the alignment of one element of a form in relation to another. It may refer to the relation of the printer to the paper, of a perforation to the form edge, or of one ply to another.
The act of filing claim to ownership of an intellectual property, either with the U.S. Copyright Office or with the Writers Guild of America.
see formal registration
The granting of formal recognition of a trade-mark by the Trade-marks Office. An official Certification of Registration is issued for each registered trade-mark.
The process of entering user credentials into a database for subsequent authentication.
Procedure by which a body indicates relevant characteristics of a product, process or service, or particulars of a body or person, in an appropriate, publicly available list.
The process by which a mobile node registers its care-of address with its home agent and foreign agent when it is away from home.
the process whereby an SMUX peer informs an SNMP agent that the peer is assuming responsibility for servicing management station requests involving objects contained in a specific MIB module (or subtree). See also priority.
The act of giving a record or file a unique identity in a recordkeeping system to provide evidence that it was created or captured. Registration involves recording brief descriptive information about the context of the record and its relation to other records. In the archival context, both aggregations (such as series) and individual record items can be registered. Sources: Adapted from Standards Australia, AS ISO 15489, Part 1, Clause 3.18; Standards Australia, AS 4390, Part 1, Clause 4.24.
The act of registering an ‘allocated' E164 number as an e164 domain name in the ENUM Registry. Registry has the exclusive responsibly for maintenance of a centralised Registry for its particular information. AusRegistry International is the Registry (wholesale provider) for ENUM in Australia.
The qualification of motor vehicles normally associated with prepayment of licensing fees for the privilege of using the highway and the issuance of a license plate and registration card or temporary registration containing owner and vehicle data.
a process that ensures unit standard achievement standard s and national qualifications have received appropriate national endorsement and meet the technical requirements of NZQA; the process concludes when these are entered onto the Framework database; standards and qualifications are reviewed periodically. ( More details)
registration is a process of bringing a rabbit before a registrar to verify that it meets standards for the breed, supplying pedigree information and paying a registration fee in order to obtain a registration number, tattoo and certificate.
A requirement in several states that specific information be submitted and approved by state regulatory authorities before franchises may be offered in that state. It is quite extensive in the information required and may ask for: a bond, fingerprints and pictures
Some states require that franchisors to register with the state before allowing any franchise sales within the state.
A requirement in several states that franchisors supply specific information for approval by state regulatory authorities before franchises may be offered in that state.
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the recording of website pages in a database: the successful result of "submission"
Executing the SQL scripts to create DataBlade module objects in a database, and making the DataBlade module shared object file available to the database server. Registration makes a DataBlade module available for use by client applications that connect to that database.
In RMAN, the execution of a REGISTER DATABASE command in order to record the existence of a target database in the recovery catalog. A target database is uniquely identified in the catalog by its DBID. You can register more than one database in the same catalog, and also register the same database in multiple catalogs. See Also: DBID
Membership registration is accomplished by submitting a completed member registration forma and membership dues ($10). Financial Assistance is available for membership dues. Registration is renewed annually. The registration dues are sent to GSUSA to fund insurance and other national initiatives. None of the $10 registration fee stays with Girl Scouts-Wilderness Road Council to fund local initiatives.
The payment of an annual registration fee to the Boy Scouts of America. One of the requirements for membership in Scouting.
The payment of an annual registration fee for each Cub Scout or Webelos Scout, or registered Scouter. This is one of the requirements for membership of the BSA. Only registered Scouts or Scouters may earn awards.
The act of submitting a site to a search engine.
The process in which a person or groups acquires a domain name and pays a specified fee.
The act of submitting a website to a directory for inclusion (such as registering with Yahoo).
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Making two images conform to one another.
Finding the corresponding points in the preoperative image data and points on the patient's anatomy on the operating table.
The degree to which one frame lines up with the next is registration. A camera with poor registration will create an image that will gently bobble when projected. Projectors too can have good or poor registration (sometimes making it difficult to tell if it was the camera). Good registration is most important for certain types of special effects shots where images are layered and will call attention to themselves if they are gently bobbling out of sync with each other. [Go to source
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Where you go to sign up to compete in a race ( moto)
For the RTM-Worx license, you need to register your copy of RTM-Worx after installing it on your system. Because licenses are sold on a per-machine basis, you need to register separately for each computer you want to run RTM-Worx on. RTM-Worx generates a Site Code that is specific to the installation and computer it runs on. You contact us with the Site Code to acquire an accompanying Registration code. This registration code has to be entered in the dialog that also specifies the Site Code. RTM-Worx will run when the Registration code matches with the Site Code until the license expiry date has passed.
the same as signing on. This is when you tell the Bingo site who you are and what username you will play under. It is the name you will use in the Bingo Chatroom.
The correct placement of all colors and copy within a label or one color to another.
The adjustment of fire to determine firing corrections.
Correct registration is achieved when all stitches and design elements line up correctly.
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You can register directly through, which asks you provide name, contact information and a credit card for security purposes. We do not receive your credit card information and you will not be automatically billed through your credit card for the sale. You must contact us to make payment arrangements for the auction.
To create an account, you will need to provide a screen name to serve as your poker room identity, password, your location and email address. This is your registration.
All users should register as members of Online-Auto-Auctions. In order to sell vehicles you must also create a seller's account. And if you bid on a vehicle over $20,000 you must be a member and use the escrow service to protect your transaction.
The registration of a Condominium Corporation initiates the warranty period for the common elements, a turnover meeting within three months (provided the declarant does not own the majority of units).
A dealer with turnover above the VAT threshold limit is required to register under VAT. A VAT registered dealer will be eligible for input tax credit.
Same as inscription.
The social security number or employer identification number, names, and addresses appearing on the face of a bond. Also referred to as Inscription.
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Areas in the lobbies of the Davis and Cannaday buildings and Mayo Primary Care Centers where all patients report to be assigned a Mayo Clinic medical record and billing account number. Here they also can receive information about payment, billing and filing insurance. All address, phone and insurance changes should be updated at Registration.
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A trade mark application which meets all the requirements of the Trade-Marks Act will be registered.
pupils are marked off to ensure all are present
Registration informs the network of the status of the MS, that is, whether the MS is attached (switched on) or detached (switched off). The status of the MS is registered through its IMSI being marked as ‘attached' or ‘detached' in the HLR.
The lateral displacement of the contact wire in railway overhead electrification.
the collection of end-user contact data. It's optional with nTitles; when used, it always precedes activation.
Motor vehicle ownership that is filed with the province/state.
It is the motor vehicle ownership that is filed with a certain province or state.
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Associate members must register into the Mentor Program in order to meet the practical experience requirements of advancement to CPA status. Registration forms are distributed twice each year.
To work in some professions and trades you must be registered. For example, teachers, plumbers and many medical professionals need to be registered. To gain registration you must meet the requirements of the registration board. This may involve renewing your registration every year.
A procedure required by the FCC to certify that a manufacturer's equipment meets certain standards for connection to the public switched network.
A record, in any visual, auditive or textual medium, of a specific activity.
Acceptance and recording of eligibility for benefits under an entitlement product of customers or third parties.
Maintaining the records of apprenticeship and training agreements and of training standards.
The art of selecting and combining the stops or registers of an organ.
In organs, a combination of stops selected for use in playing a piece. Sometimes refers to the act of selecting and adjusting organ stops. (See "Stop")
Selection or combination of stops in a work for organ or harpsichord.
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In e-counting each batch of ballot papers are registered when they arrive at a count centre for scanning. The term can also refer to voter registration, where citizens must register before they can vote.
A system used to register all professionals who have met specified criteria for the achievement of defined competencies above described levels or standards – the International Federation of Sports Physiotherapists aims to achieve registration of all Sports Physiotherapists.
the listing of an individual's name on the official roster of a governmental or non-governmental agency.
the listing of ownership of securities in the records of the issuer. This task is often performed by an official registrar/transfer agent.
The degree of conformity of the position of a pattern, or a portion there of, with its intended position or with that of any other conductor layer of a board.
The degree of conformity to the position of a pattern, or a portion thereof, a hole, or other feature to its intended position on a product.
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(South Africa) (See also licensure.)
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Regression Regression analysis
Purchasing the Calnique(tm) Custom Calendar software for $24.00.
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Companies must register to use e-jobway's tools. Registration and use of our services binds a company to the terms of our member contract.
FAQs About Registration Special Registration Circumstances Test, Test Date, or Test Center Changes
Acknowledgement of what is heard to test short-term memory.
Handling applications from people wishing to attend the conference including computerised contact details, hotel requirements and specific requests.
(Recovery Manager User's Guide and Reference; search in this book) [definition #2] (Enterprise Manager SNMP Support Reference Guide; search in this book)
The employer registers their account in the Job Bank by providing information about their organization. This information is validated by Service Canada or its partners.
The address registration function is the mechanism by which Clients provide address information to the LAN Emulation Server.
Procedure that consists in placing numerous models representing different angles of an object, in such a manner as to reproduce the whole of the object. Procedure that consists in applying transformations on partial models to place the parts in a system of common co-ordinates.
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The manner in which the named owners of an account register their shares (e.g., individual, joint tenancy, trustee, etc.).
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the procedure used to bring two maps or data layers into concurrence via known ground location control points or the procedure of bringing a map or data layers into concurrence with the earth's surface.
To play in any tournament you must first register for it. Registration for a scheduled tournament is typically available one and a half hours before its scheduled start time. When you register your buy-in is held to reserve you a seat.
Alerting a search engine that your website exists and should be indexed.
When a quality system complies with the ISO 9001 standard, the registrar issues a certificate of registration and places the company's name in a directory of registered firms.
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Properly register.
The procedure that a cellular phone initiates to a base station to indicate that it is now active.
The ability to establish and maintain the location of a coating with reference to another coating or to the substrate to which it is applied.
The evidence of ownership as indicated on a registered bond or certificate of stock.
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Registration Statement Regulation A
All individuals of the movement must be listed in an entry in a register of members. Generally done by form.
Information registered in the MS and stored (until changed by the Register-MS Operation) between sessions (or associations).
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See submission.
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Location of a circuit by means of fixed points.
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This refers to the ability to line up details and parts of designs with each other.
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see Authorisation.
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See form registration.