The number of credits that must be taken with a particular college in order to receive a degree from that school. Some colleges require a year (30 semester credits or 10 courses), either on campus or through distance learning. Some just require 15 semester credits or 5 courses. Often this residency requirement must be taken in your senior year. Servicemembers Opportunities Colleges have less stringent residency requirements or none at all.
Criteria students must meet to be considered residents of a state or district; used in some cases to determine tuition charges.
If a student wants to obtain a bachelor's degree from IUB then s/he will have to study four regular semesters with 15 (fifteen) - credit hours in each semester. Of these 60 (sixty) credit hours, 30 (thirty) - credit hours should be from the major field of study.
number of credits you must complete at an institution in order to graduate from that program.
The number of courses or credits (or percentage of the program) you must complete at an institution to graduate from that institution.
(for Graduation)
Complaint for dissolution of a marriage or for legal separation may be filed at any time after either party has established residence in this state. See CONN. GEN. STATS. ยง46b-44.
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The petitioner is required to have resided in the county and state of the petition filing for a certain time prior to filing the action (often at least 6 months).