Definitions for "Academic Suspension"
Students on academic probation not meeting the requirements of that probation. Click here to view the college catalog and more information.
Students who are on probation and have a subsequent term GPA of less that 2.0 will be placed on suspension. A student who has been suspended from OSU is prohibited from enrolling in classes, and must fulfill specified criteria before being re-admitted to the university (see Academic Regulations #22). Academic suspension is recorded on the studentâ€(tm)s academic record.
A student on Academic Probation may be placed on Academic Suspension if he/she fails to maintain or achieve the minimum cumulative GPA required. A student placed on suspension will be dismissed from the college for a specified time period - usually one semester. Specific requirements may be placed on the student's re-entry into college.
Denial of all registration privileges for a specified period of time because of failure to meet academic standards.