Definitions for "Enrollment"
The final processing of a bill or resolution, incorporating all amendments, after passing both houses. This is the document that is signed by both presiding officers and the Governor.
The processing of a bill (or joint resolution), incorporating all amendments, if any, when a bill passes both houses of the General Assembly. The enrolled bill is the document that is signed by both presiding officers and is then sent to the Governor.
Whenever a bill passes both houses of the Legislature, it is ordered enrolled. In enrollment, the bill is again proofread for accuracy and then delivered to the Governor. The "enrolled bill" contains the complete text of the bill with the dates of passage certified by the Secretary of the Senate and the Chief Clerk of the Assembly. A resolution, when enrolled, is filed directly with the Secretary of State.
The total number of students registered in a given school unit at a given time, generally in the fall of a year.
The total number of students registered in a given school unit at a given time, often standardized by using the school's enrollment on or about October 1 of a given school year. Also measured by calculating average daily attendance or average daily enrollment.
the choosing of your classes one to two months before each term begins.
Purchasing health care coverage from a health plan or insurance. Individuals who purchase coverage are known as enrollees. Also refers to the total number of enrolled covered persons in a health plan. Also see open enrollment, and disenrollment.
New employees must enroll in one of the health insurance programs during the first 30 days of employment. Existing employees may also enroll, add, or delete dependents, or cancel coverage during the annual open enrollment period each fall, with coverage changes effective on January 1st o f the following year. Enrollment changes are also permitted because of a qualifying Family Status Change.
Used to describe the total number of enrollees in a health plan. It may also be used to refer to the process of enrolling people in a health plan.
A writing in which anything is enrolled; a register; a record.
process of being accepted, registered, and having paid all tuition and fees for any given term.
In biometric systems, the initial process in which the system 'learns' and consequently registers the biometric characteristics of the user. _____________________________________________________________________________
bending of the body to enclose vulnerable ventral organs in a protective clam-like or sphereoid capsule formed by the cephalon, pygidium and thoracic segments.
The rite of inscribing into the Book of the Elect the names of those catechumens to be elected to take part in the next celebration of the sacraments of initiation.( usually done at the Rite of Sending in the parish, or can be done at the Rite of Election in some diocese, ours has the Rite of Sending ).
The act of enrolling; registration.
Registration for coursework and payment of fees constitutes official enrollment.
Registrants enrolled in courses offered by UW on the 10th instructional day of the quarter.
The process of entering and saving user or user group information in a portal.
In the OfficeVision program, the process of identifying a user to OfficeVision. This process includes creating a user profile (if one does not already exist), adding a system distribution directory entry (if one does not exist), and creating calendar information, such as start time and start day.
The process of making a principal known to a particular application. For example, in the Oracle Security Server, enrollment occurs when a principal's identity is added to the Oracle Security Server Repository, a database server for security data.
Under both the Select agreement and the Enterprise Agreement, multiple affiliates can sign up under one Master Agreement in order to leverage their larger purchasing power towards better discounts.
A Microsoft enrollment provides the basic information to acquire licenses under a specific agreement. It is can be considered a sign-up form to participate in the Volume License program.
When Participants get signed up or are “entered” into or join a Clinical Trial they are said to be enrolled.
the process of a company joining the PayMode network and enabling itself to use PayMode to make and receive electronic payments. The enrollment process is accomplished completely online and takes about ten minutes to complete.
Period of time in which you are able to join a group insurance policy. Exclusions – Specific Conditions or circumstances for which a policy will provide no benefits.
Number of pupils enrolled on the most recent 3rd Friday in September or 2nd Friday in January.
a system providing access for veterans to a comprehensive package of VA healthcare services
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