Definitions for "Registrar"
A registrar is a server that accepts REGISTER requests. A registrar is typically co-located with a proxy or redirect server and MAY offer location services.
Usually a trust company or bank charged with the responsibility of auditing the firm's transfer agent and keeping a record of the owners of a corporation's securities to prevent the issuance of more than the authorized number of shares.
An entity which acts on behalf of a Registrant regarding original domain name registration, transfers or contact/DNS modifications. The Registrar is the entity which submits and maintains the Registrants domain name with the Registry database. Registrants are required to use a Registrar to register a domain name. For .Com, .Net, .Org .Biz and .Info names a Registrar should be ICANN accredited or an affiliate of an ICANN accredited Registrar.
One who registers; a recorder; a keeper of records; as, a registrar of births, deaths, and marriages. See Register, n., 3.
a member of the Executive of the Council who is responsible for applications, distribution of information to interested applicants, answering questions pertaining to certification from candidates, facilitators, etc. and keeping the executive of the Council informed as to the progress of candidates through the certification process.
Individual responsible for handling registrations.
a senior doctor in a hospital, lower in rank than a consultant, who specializes in a particular branch of medicine or surgery and may train junior doctors
a more senior position, but not as senior as a Consultant
a very experienced doctor who will already have worked in several specialties in hospital medicine
The Registrar of the RRT and the MRT assists the Principal Member with the administrative management of the tribunals and their resources.
Reporting to the Vice-Chancellor, the Registrar heads the Universityâ€(tm)s Administration, and acts as Secretary to the Council.
a person who, after taking a test and meeting other eligibility requirements, is certified by ARBA to evaluate rabbits and register them if they meet standards. ARBA sanctioned shows are required to have a registrar available.
A registrar is most often in charge of the records, logistics, policy/procedure, and legal matters associated with collections. The job often involves coordinating loans, accessions, and deaccessions. A registrar also may deal with the administration and inventory of collections. S/he often has a M.A. in museum studies.
A person who registers a collection with the Digital Library (DL)
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means an entity authorized to receive and record registrations in the .travel TLD.
an entity authorised to access the
an individual or entity that is certified by CIRA to apply on behalf of Applicants and Registrants to register, transfer, or renew
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Third-party which audits and registers the environmental management system of an organization with respect to the ISO 14001 environmental management system standard.
A third party organization that conducts independent audits of a company's quality system to ensure it complies with requirements.
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a carriage-return line-feed sequence (CRLF)
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reinvestment date REIT
(see DISTRICT JUDGE) Registrars and deputy registrars were renamed District Judges and Deputy District Judges respectively in the Courts and Legal Services Act 1990
The registrar process provides the link between resource status consumers (clients) and resource status providers (resource monitors). The central part of the resource monitor framework which uses the resource dictionary to act as an intermediary between client systems and resource monitors.
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the Registrar of Alcohol and Gaming.
A registrar facilitates transfers and does related activities for the securities on the Exchange.