Definitions for "parking"
(Domain Name) A domain name which has been registered, but is not being used for a website is referred to as "parked." Some companies put up pages for such parked names that say "for sale," or "under construction." Without that, a name that is registered but not being used will result in a "page cannot be displayed" page.
Domain names registered with the InterNIC (and therefore reserved), but not active for website or ecommerce service. Parking domain names is useful if you have a domain name that you would like to reserve, but do not intend to use immediately.
In order to own a domain name one must register that name (if it is available) with a domain name registrar and pay a yearly fee. Additionally, the name must be hosted by a domain name server. When there is no website associated with a properly registered domain name that domain name is said to be "parked". Parking is used as a means of reserving domain names for future use. The owner of the domain name server normally charges a fee for parking the domain name.
The phenomenom in which jewelry will move through the skin to a position where it is most comfortable but not necessarily most attractive. Rings in navel piercings typically park on one side because of the pressure exerted on them by clothing and lying on them.
This is when piercings shift slightly to one side or the other, like a belly button piercing, because it is more comfortable.
The tendency for some piercings to shift slightly to one side or the other, such as in a navel piercing, because it is more comfortable.
The act of maneuvering a vehicle into a location where it can be left temporarily.
A space or spaces in which a vehicle can be parked; as, there is plenty of parking behind the store.
Parking is any type of space used to store a vehicle. Parking can be on-street, surface lots, in underground or above ground garages, or in a "woonerf." Parking may be part of a residential property, publicly provided, or commercially provided. Parking may or may not have an explicit, implicit, implied, actual, subsidized, or out-of-pocket cost. Regulations may also determine the cost and time limits (if any) to park on public streets, and the minimum or maximum amount of parking required for certain uses.
A feature incorporated into the signal system of an elevator or elevators by which and elevator receives a signal to always return to a preselected landing after all its car or landing signals have been answered and canceled.
Until recently national and local authorities demanded a high level of parking provision in new developments. Now things are beginning to change, and standards are being relaxed in urban areas, because parking provision is seen to encourage private car use and thus congestion. Local authorities are encouraged to reduce or waive off street parking requirements where there is good public transport. But local plans are often out of date and specify standards that are undesirable and unattainable in urban areas.
You can park a fiber, or park a needle. It just means that you stop working with that particular fiber, leaving the final stitch unfinished and the fiber on the front of the ground, and place the needle, or just the fiber, out of the way of your ongoing work. Later, you go back and either work again with that fiber, or you finish the last stitch and bury the end. This is useful when you have many color changes in a small area or when it's inconvenient to get to the back of your work.
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Putting assets into a safe investment such as a money market account while deciding...
A term that refers to depositing cash in a high-yield money market account until it is transferred to another account to pay bills.
Putting money into safe investments such as money market investments while deciding where to invest the money.
an energetic, professional management firm that has earned the reputation of being "the Best of the Best"
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a leader in the hospitality industry