Definitions for "Chauffeur"
One who manages the running of an automobile or limousine; esp., the paid operator of a motor vehicle.
a man paid to drive a privately owned car
drive someone in a vehicle
Brigands in bands, who, about 1793, pillaged, burned, and killed in parts of France; -- so called because they used to burn the feet of their victims to extort money.
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a specialized butler
A Chauffeur is a domestic professional who serves as a personal transporter to his/her principal in the course of all daily activities and events. A Chauffeur handles all care and conditioning of each vehicle. A Chauffeur is usually a confidant of his/her principal, and as such, discretion is a mandatory prerequisite for employment.
a person who provides safe, smooth, punctual transportation, combined with quality customer service, for a variety of clients
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