Definitions for "Prerequisite"
Previously required; necessary as a preliminary to any proposed effect or end; as, prerequisite conditions of success.
Something previously required, or necessary to an end or effect proposed.
A course or experience that must be successfully completed before enrollment in a designated course.
a diploma or a master of science degree in physics
a diploma or a masters degree in physics
a satisfactory score on the MTH and ENG placement tests
a secondary-school-leaving certificate (swiadectwo dojraloci)
the precondition for applying a default. A default with only a prerequisite but no justifications is very similar to a classical inference rule.
an inventory reservoir of spare parts for all main systems and platforms, which are in use by the IDF These spare parts inventories are Spare Parts Inventory
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a required subject/unit deemed necessary for entry to higher level studies in a particular area
a skill or class required for entry into a class or program of study
a skill or knowledge that learners already have
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a URI that must be crawled before this URI can be crawled
Keywords:  modicum, task, cat, previous, external
a modicum of training so that the cat can be called upon to carry out some task before being issued certain resources
Something needed by a task produced by a previous task or an external source.
an integrated multidisciplinary approach
a discussion on live feed in mariculture
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a basic understanding of static HTML
a clear understanding of the OSI Model
a good understanding of object oriented programming
a current basic life support certificate (CPR) through the American Heart Association
a central database incorporating improved data on farms, the location of animals, animal movements, and the characteristics of the diseases, together with arrangements to input disease control data in a timely and assured way during an outbreak
a positive attitude and willingness to make periodic change
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a letter of offer from my lab
an educational level that must be achieved in order to register in a higher level
an intermediate-level knowledge of Java
A prior module which must be passed to ensure a suitable grounding has been established before moving to a more demanding level of work.
a good knowledge of English in both oral and written form, as well as the demands on oneself
something which must exist before something else can happen or be guaranteed
a browser capable of interpreting the given language
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A subject that you need to pass before you can proceed to the next stage of your program.
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a file that is used as input to create the target
Keywords:  target, build, source, file
a file, such as a source file, which is used to build the target
a system for measuring the right performance indicators and taking action on the results