Definitions for "Met"
Multidisciplinary Evaluation Team. According to the Michigan Department of Education's publication Technical Assistance for Frequently Asked Questions (February 2004), the MET is team of at least two persons responsible for evaluating students suspected of having a disability. At least one of the team members must be a special education approved teacher or other specialist with knowledge in the area of suspected disability. CEN NEWS Teaching, Assessing Students With Disabilities The Institute on Communication Integration Addresses Parenting Teens and Young Adults With Disabilities Kids Count on Consistency Detroit Elementary School Teacher Named Michigan Teacher of the Year Robots Stand in for Bedridden Students—Technology Helps Connect Hospitalized Kids With Classmates more news
multidisciplinary evaluation team. a team composed of educators, administrators, agencies. and parents are included as equal members. This team reviews existing data and any additional evaluation data to determines if the student is eligible for special education services.
Multidisciplinary evaluation team. A team of persons including individuals described as the individualized education program team and other qualified professionals who shall determine whether a child is eligible for special education. (A.R.S. §15-761)
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imp. & p. p. of Meet.
imp. & p. p. of Mete, to measure.
Metabolic equivalent; the oxygen cost of energy expenditure at rest; 1 MET = 3-4 mL/kg/min
An expression of the energy it takes to sit quietly. It is frequently used as a measure of intensity on cardiovascular machines (treadmill, stationary bike, etc.) For example, moderate intensity activities are those that get you moving fast enough or strenuously enough to burn off three to six times as much energy per minute as you do when you are sitting quietly, measured as 3-6 METs.
The expression of the rate of work (power output) for the human body at rest, or a metabolic equivalent. One MET is approximately equal to a person's metabolism when seated and relaxed.
Multiple Employer Trust. A legal trust formed by a health benefit plan sponsor to combine a number of small, unrelated employers for the purpose of providing group medical coverage on an insured or group self-insured basis.
Multiple Employer Trust. A trust that receives contributions from many small employers, and that purchases and administers group benefit plans for the employees of such small employers.
Multiple Employer Trust. an arrangement created to obtain health and other benefits for participating employer groups. Small employers can pool their contributions to receive the advantages of large group underwriting.
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metallic paintwork
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Midden-Europese Tijd
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Master of Engineering in Transportation
Generic name for the entire Melbourne public transport system and the trading name of the MTA/PTC. Apart from 'Metcard', the term fell into official disuse during the late 1990s, only to be reborn as 'Metlink' several years later.
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Mission Elapsed Time. Used to schedule or time-tag mission events. MET starts at 1996 Feb 16 13:54:08.337 UTC. That is on the day before the launch, which occurred at 1996 Feb 17 20:43:26 UTC. (see Time for systems of time). Here is a JavaScript NEAR MET calculator.
The acronym MET stands for Mission Elapsed Time, which is a measurement of the time that has passed since launch of a space flight mission or other such endeavor.
An oncogene that also plays a role in blood coagulation and angiogenesis; also known as hepatocyte growth factor.
Motivational Enhancement Therapy. Based on principles from cognitive and social psychology, MET attempts to overcome any ambivalence an individual may have toward treatment and motivate them to change. MET has been proven effective in both inpatient and outpatient settings and found particularly successful with alcohol addicted and marijuana-dependent clients.
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see Mind's Eye Theater.
Mind's Eye Theater. the LARP rules for World of Darkness games.
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The Met (short for the Metall, Metool, and Mettaur variants of the name) is the flagship enemy of the Mega Man video game series. They are also commonly referred to as "hard hats".
WP Macro Editor Top Overflow File Presentation Manager Meta File or OmniPage Document
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p. p. of Mete, to dream.
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Metropolitan police
A colloquial contraction for meteorology, occasionally used in a technical sense, especially in aviation. It can also refer to a meteorologist.
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Metadata Access (Toolkit)
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Co-wife. (Derived from the English 'mate').
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metaphor; metaphorical noun
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Meteorology the weather
Main Earthing Terminal. The main connection point for all main binding conductors within an installation.
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Metropolitan College
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See metabolic equivalents (METs).
Indicates requirements for a program or area have been satisfied.
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Metafile (file name extension)
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See meta-.
Metafile - OS/2