Definitions for "mainstream"
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Non-genre literature.
the style of jazz regarded by the average player as today's norm, as opposed to fusion, rock, avant-garde, etc.; sometimes the term implies a somewhat conservative, relatively diatonic vocabulary exemplified by Oscar Peterson. Mainstream jazz is in a highly evolved state, having incorporated virtually the entire harmonic language of 20th century tonal music. In timbre, phrasing, form and rhythmic feel mainstream jazz still rests on a basis of bebop, which is why 'modern' jazz is considered to have started with bebop in the early 40s.
Originally a term that embraced certain music (particularly small bands) which extended the swing jazz tradition into the present; an umbrella term that includes all post-bebop acoustic jazz except that which is considered free or avant garde jazz; jazz reflecting hard bop sensibilities.
TO place (a student) in regular school classes; -- used especially of mentally or physically handicapped children.
In the field of bilingual education, this term refers to the monolingual English curriculum or classroom.
students not identified as being at risk of education failure
Generally believed to refer to old, rich, white men. This interpretation tallies admirably with the term's youth/pop culture meaning of 'someone with whom I do not wish to be seen dead'.
In the context of anti racism, the dominant culture and the cultural, educational, economic, political, and social institutions through which its power is maintained.
A term which defies Canada's image of a multicultural society where all cultures have equal status and none more power than others. Replaced in this report by "public," "general community" and "established."
Sector of the comic industry where romance, humour, crime and drama are all hugely unpopular, but Wolverine does quite well.
The prevailing opinion or practise; as, the doctor avoided using therapies outside the mainstream of modern medical practice.
the prevailing current of thought; "his thinking was in the American mainstream"
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ASL Browser
a forceful, central current that carries in its path all the debris and livestock and entire vacationing families that get vortexed into it
That part of the airflow around a body which is far enough away to remain undisturbed by the body's passage. Thus the mainstream velocity is equal and opposite to the body's velocity.
Direct marketing which makes use of high profile media - like television or newspapers - to promote its message.
a remarkable progress along this direction
An approach which sees deprivation being tackled through the bending of core programmes and spending by organisations such as the police, health service, local authority.
produced for the general public and available in ordinary cinemas and stores
A film which is expected to be a box-office success that appeals to a wide audience. One which is released by a major distribution chain.
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The main channel of a river as opposed to the streams and smaller rivers that feed into it.
A term that is often used to describe the "general market," usually refers to a broad population.
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Able to be used by any member of the community.