Definitions for "Racism"
belief that an ethnic group is superior or inferior to other groups; prejudice or discrimination based on race...... back
A system in which one group of people exercises abusive power over others on the basis of skin colour and racial heritage; a set of implicit or explicit beliefs, false assumptions and actions based on an ideology of inherent superiority or one racial or ethnic group over another. Systemic racism is embedded in organizational and institutional structures and programs as well as in individual thought or behaviour patterns.
Making negative moral judgments about someone because of their race.
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a thorn in Africa's flesh
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a two-way street Atlas Shrugs says some never learn More interviews information is available here
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Racism is in direct breach of fundamental European values. The EU is working, from both a preventative and repressive perspective, to combat all its forms. (See fundamental rights, immigration)
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A lot of "excess baggage" on this buzz-word can be avoided by using Nationalism.