Definitions for "Social"
Ready or disposed to mix in friendly converse; companionable; sociable; as, a social person.
a party of people assembled to promote sociability and communal activity
composed of sociable people or formed for the purpose of sociability; "a purely social club"; "the church has a large social hall"; "a social director"
Synonyms: Milonga (for Tango). An event where the majority of the time is spent dancing to music, (and very often to a live Band, with a DJ between the sets), without any preliminary instruction (unless this is common practice for that particular dance style). The emphasis at such events is often on socialising and having fun. At many events the DJ or MC will take your requests for particular music and dances. Most socials cater for a wide range of abilities (maybe with the exception of the Novice). Some include instruction, often of a more light-hearted or easier nature. Dress code is normally more formal and standardised for the particular style of dance, with "dress to impress" being appropriate if you wish. Similarly the location may be decorated in the appropriate style. Socials tend be held at about monthly intervals, or if held weekly, then at weekends. For many dance styles (e.g. Ballet), the concept of a Social dance event is meaningless.
Gig for a wedding, charity gala, or other social event
a new quarterly networking event for e-learning professionals based in and around Brighton
Living in communities consisting of males, females, and neuters, as do ants and most bees.
Forming compound groups or colonies by budding from basal processes or stolons; as, the social ascidians.
living together or enjoying life in communities or organized groups; "human beings are social animals"; "spent a relaxed social evening"; "immature social behavior"
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Of or pertaining to society; relating to men living in society, or to the public as an aggregate body; as, social interest or concerns; social pleasure; social benefits; social happiness; social duties.
refers to costs and benefits which accrue directly to humans and human systems (includes socio-economic costs and benefits)
having to do with interrelationships between individuals or groups. A social factor is said to exist when the behaviour of even one individual is affected by another person or a group, whether that person (or persons) is physically present or not. The term `social' is distinguished from `cultural' in that social pertains to relations between persons, whereas cultural pertains to beliefs, standards of behaviour, values, knowledge, and all other aspects of culture.
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A group of commands designed to help streamline player interaction. A list of socials can be found online by simply typing 'socials'. Socials are small actions such as 'smile', or 'nod'. They allow players to make gestures or actions faster than they could with emote.
a way of doing up to five typed commands with a single press of a button
Socials allow players to inicate their mood or interact on a emotioanl level in the mud. F.e: laugh, cry, threaten....{type : social} to see all socials
Referring to an enemy that brings allies when you attack it.
preferring the company of other creatures rather than being alone. Animals that are social like to be around each other and usually gather in a group.
an informal gathering of people for recreation or amusement
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adjective सà¤3/4मà¤3/4जिक anthropology
Although the term "social" is a crucial category in social science and often used in public discourse, its meaning is often vague, suggesting that it is a fuzzy concept. An added difficulty is that social attributes or relationships may not be directly observable and visible, and must be inferred by abstract thought.
Consisting in union or mutual intercourse.
a term that people at least in the Sweetwater Union High School District use to call Mexican preps
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Similar to "do over." When there is a dispute over a point, one may call "Social" and all players drink and the play is started over again.
a common term in drinking game parlance
The word in its current uses is defective for all general inquiry and theory. See Individual.
Naturally growing in groups or masses; -- said of many individual plants of the same species.
Worker. A professional trained to provide services to individuals, families, and groups.
sociality associates with others of its species; forms social groups.
trust, e.g. as quantified or organized in: social capital social contract social network
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Having to do with a student's abilities to get along with other people family, adults, or other children. An example of a social skill is a student being able to play well with other children his age.
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liking to be with others