Definitions for "Status"
Once nonimmigrants enter the U.S., they are classified by the immigration inspectors according to the visa used to enter. If you use an F-1 visa to enter the U.S., you will be granted F-1 status; if you use a J-1 visa, you will be granted J-1 status. Likewise, the students' spouse or children using a F-2 or J-2 visa would be granted F-2 or J-2 status.
an official immigration category assigned by the INS to a non-citizen who is present in the US
The acquisition of tenure with all rights and privileges granted by the provisions of this chapter after satisfactory completion of the initial probationary period by an employee in the classified service. [See [ KRS 18A.005 (31)]. (PDF - 12.3 KB)
The HTTP status code for the request made to the server. Codes in the "200" and "300" range indicate that the request was fulfilled successfully; "400" and "500" indicate some kind of error.
The states that an individual pokemon is in at any given time which affect their performance and have an abbreviation on the Status Monitor. These include Burned, Fainted, Frozen, Paralyzed, Poisoned, and Sleeping. Confused is also considered among these states depsite the fact that it doesn't appear on the Status Monitor because it can be affected by some moves that work only on the Status of a pokemon.
An indicator of the current development position a project or resources is in
Information concerning the state or location of a defined item.
Tells whether an item is available for use or not.
1) This message appears on the library catalog screens and indicates whether or not a book has been checked out. If the screen indicates not checked out, the book should be on the shelf. However, the book may be in use in the library by some one else or it may be on the waiting to be reshelved stack. 2) SAT's (status) refers to a person's standing as a library borrower, for example; student, staff, faculty, and community patron.
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An indicator that defines whether an account/center is postable (active) or non-postable (inactive).
One of several pieces of knowledge that an item contains, about its ability to participate in the current KB's processing. An item's statuses are permanent/transient, active/inactive, enabled/disabled, and OK/bad/incomplete. An item's statuses are distinct from its attributes, though G2 reports item statuses in an item's Notes attribute.
The legal standing of the license. The various status are as follows: A/REV - Automatically Revoked Due to Non-Payment of Renewal ACT - Active CAN - Canceled DENY - Denied INACT - Inactive ISUS - Indefinite Suspension NREN - Non-Renewal PEND - Pending R64 - Issue And Hold R65 - Surrendered, not in use REV - Revocation REVP - Revocation Pending Due To Non-Payment of Recent Renewal RNST - In The Process of Being Reinstated Due To Late Payment Of Renewal S/REV - Revoked for SLMS SLMS - Social Services Hold Void - Voided WDRL - Withdrawn
To assign ownership of a trouble ticket. Part of Triage.
The state in which a trouble ticket exists. States include Unassigned, Open, Held, Pending, Awaiting Parts, In Progress, Closed, and Paid.
Tickets are marked as either Open, Overdue, on Hold, Closed or Spam.
A term commonly applied to a person who is registered an as Indian under the Indian Act (Canada. Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, 1991:5). Until 1985, the Canadian government's criteria for status was primarily based upon a person's biological ancestry and pre-contact affiliation with a discrete group or band. Currently, a person may have Indian status and yet not formally belong to a particular Indian band (Boldt, 1993:207).
A status Native Person is an aboriginal Canadian living on a Reserve. Status is a term used in the Indian Act to specify Native People who live on a Reserve. Such Native People have certain rights which those living off-reserve do not.
"Status Indians" are aboriginal people who meet the requirements of the Indian Act and who are registered under the Act. The criteria for status is to have one parent who is registered as a Status Indian or being a member or a descendant of a band that has signed a treaty. The federal government has sole authority for determining status. Until 1985, when the Indian Act was amended, women who married non-Aboriginal men were denied their status. "Non-Status Indian" is a person of aboriginal descent who does not meet the criteria of the Indian Act or who, despite meeting those criteria, has not been registered as a Status Indian. This group includes the Métis. There are over 100,000 non-status Indians in B.C.
A status is an issue classification within ExtraView. By changing statuses when updating an issue, the user creates a trackable event. For example, to resolve an issue with the status of Open, a user selects Fixed or Closed from the status list box. ExtraView allows rules to be set up around statuses, in order that a transition between different statuses conforms to the administrator's wishes.
Upon entry to the United States, all individuals are classified based on the documents and reasons they present at the port of entry. Most international students at NYU are in F-1 status. Individuals who do not comply with the regulations governing a given classification are "out of status" and therefore ineligible for certain "benefits" such as employment.
Each property is assigned a Status classification. This classification is an evaluation of the property's eligibility. No - Age These are properties that, at the time of the survey, did not meet the age criteria. It is possible that the property may be eligible for further study at a later time. No - Altered These are properties with physical features so altered that there is a loss of integrity and physical fabric that no further study is warranted. These are also properties that represent no distinctive architectural style and no further study is warranted. Yes - Hold These are properties that have had the initial survey work done on them,, but have not had the complete inventory form filled out. Some fieldwork was performed, but additional information is needed before the inventory of this property is complete. It is possible that the property may be eligible for further study at a later time. Yes - Inventory These are properties that merit the filling out of a full Inventory form and include an assessment by the surveyor as to the property's potential eligibility for local and/or National Register listing.
State; condition; position of affairs.
A position within society; individuals occupy statuses that carry with them behavioral expectations called "roles."
defined position in a social structure. In the common sociological sense, status does not necessarily imply rank in a hierarchy, only location in a system of social relationships. These positions exist within the social system independently of the individuals who occupy them.
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Informs the insured if policy is active, termed, or cobra.
Informs the member if the policy is active, termed or COBRA.
Identifies the current stage of the case within its life cycle.
The current state of the Change Request
a state at a particular time; "a condition (or state) of disrepair"; "the current status of the arms negotiations"
Field on requisition screen. Status of the requisition. Use * if entering a requisition. Used by Purchasing to track status of a requisition. Possible status codes are as follows: C = Cancelled, M = Maintenance Order, O = Order Print Ready, Q = Quotation requested, R = Referred to financial unit, T = Transferred. When ready to be an order, the status is set to O.
The position of the loan or loan application in the processing cycle. Status changes occur throughout the life of the loan, from application receipt to full repayment or cancellation of the loan.
Infrastructure projects tracked by the Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects Database are: Under construction projects for which assets are being built Operational projects that have started providing services to the public Concluded projects for which the contract period has expired and was neither renewed nor extended by either the government or the operator. Canceled projects from which the private sector has exited in one of the following ways: Selling or transferring its economic interest back to the government before fulfilling the contract terms. Removing all management and personnel from the concern Ceasing operation, service provision, or construction for 15 percent or more of the license or concession period, following the revocation of the license or repudiation of the contract Distressed projects where the government or the operator has either requested contract termination or are in international arbitration.
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When used to refer to the 'status' of a program (including utilities) this is meant as how complete or bug free a program is. The statuses used in this documentation, in order from buggiest to cleanest, are: development, alpha, beta, release.
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A character's sense of self-worth. Many scenes are built around status transfers, in which one character's status drops while another's rises. Physical environments and objects also have status.
A character's (or person's ) self worth. Many scenes are built around status transfers, in which one character's status, drops while another rises. Webster says: Position relative to that of others; standing: Her status is that of a guest.
n. The condition or state of hardware or software, usually represented by a status code.
the state or condition of an animal species' population (The status of the Gray Squirrel is that of common throughout the Pinelands.)
A condition or state at a particular time. In kinetic Manager, accounts can have three states: enabled, disabled, and removed.
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quo ante bellum the situation as it was before the war (usually meaning the French Wars, in this web site)
a bit unsettling as it starts getting into a touchy area of dictating actions of foreign citizens
a problem though as he really isn't a core guy for us
Descriptors state that a module is compulsory, core or acceptable for certain types of students in specified fields, or unattached.
Status epilepticus is defined as more than 30 minutes of (1) continuous seizure activity or (2) two or more sequential seizures without full recovery between seizures. More than 3 major seizures within a 24 hour period should be considered a serious condition that may evolve into status and should be treated. The 30 minute duration in the above definition was chosen because detrimental effects begin to occur after this time. These effects include systemic effects such as abnormal breathing, blood pressure and heart rate, and blood glucose, in addition to body temperature. Also, prolonged abnormal electrical activity within the brain can cause persistent brain damage. These changes tend to be reversible during the 30 to 60 minute period of continuous seizure activity but after 60 minutes, death of nerve cells occurs.
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a "red herring" pardon the pun
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a lack of cited
a characteristic, like juvenile, pregnant
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The award level for which a particular cat has qualified, such as grand champion.
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A means of sending numerical codes regarding the status of a vehicle to ComCen
State of an order at any given point. A status check, generally the response to a status request, is the act of checking with the vendor on the shipping date of item. Status report is reporting back to the inquirer with this information.
The value being reported by a simple input device, or by the status point for a complex device. Binary status is reported as ON or OFF; analog status is reported as a numeric value followed by the appropriate engineering units.
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The Status of a given Holiday Center and date can be either a Good Business Day, a Holiday or a Weekend.
A brief digest describing a bill or resolution, along with a history of what actions have been taken on the bill or resolution.
A legislation record can be either for enacted legislation or adopted resolution.
a stage in a life-cycle through which configuration items (parts), change requests or baselines may pass
A property stage subject to change.
The status of a class may be open for enrollment if spaces are available; otherwise, it is closed.
The creditworthiness or otherwise of a potential borrower.
a familial trait in CD families and may be an inherited, rather than acquired, phenomenon
Description of foreign national (or "alien") issued by the INS inspector upon entering the U.S.
A shorthand term for the borrower's credit record and employment situation. See "Non-Status Loan".
an important element in screening lenders who engage in high-price lending
an important factor to determine the outcome of pregnancy
Legal permission to remain in the U.S. Examples are: F-1, J-1, H-1B, etc. Each status carries different regulations and stipulations.
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The status identifies whether the appeal sub-programme is either ‘live' (L) or ‘historic' (H).
Active sites are listed as opened. Closed sites are no longer regulated or contaminated areas have been cleaned up to regulatory standards.
an enabling provision aimed at facilitating defense supplies
a graph together with layout informations and user interface settings
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Status is a free text retrieval system. It is used as the basis of the on-line services Scale and Info-One.
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A new business venture without a trading record.
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an excellent place to start
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See Membership level.
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a synonym for ``event''.
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The standing of a person before the law, i.e., whether an adult, a married person, etc.
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This will give the status of the application or the status of the bill status.
A customer's status is calculated based on a 1st mortgage reference and results of the credit reference agency.
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the state of the data set
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a two-part process
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See 'page status'.
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The state that a system is in at any given time.