Definitions for "agency"
Name for the arrangement where an agent intermediates between buyers and sellers...
The office of an agent, or factor; the relation between a principal and his agent; business of one intrusted with the concerns of another.
The place of business of am agent.
The faculty of acting or of exerting power; the state of being in action; action; instrumentality.
A business that is licensed to represent an Insurance Company for the purpose of selling insurance policies. Also, an administrative governing authority.
an authority, board, department, or division of state or local government or a public or private organization with which a state or local agency has contracted to provide services to families or children.
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An organization that has met certain standards and is allowed by law to provide services to children and families. In many jurisdictions, private agencies, also called "contract" or "provider agencies" share many responsibilities with the public child welfare agency for the care, protection and supervision of children and youth in foster care.
Foster Family Care Agency, A children and youth social service agency subject to the requirements of the Dept of Public Welfare[[ADS
(Agncy): Agency responsible for the hatchery release. BATT Battelle NW COLV Colville Tribe FISH Fisheries and Oceans Canada FPC Fish Passage Center HOSE Hose Associates IDFG Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game NEZP Nez Perce Tribe NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service ODFW Oregon Dept. of Fish & Wildlife PP&L Pacific Power & Light SHOB Shoshone-Bannock Tribe UMTR Umatilla Tribe USFW US Fish & Wildlife WASC Wasco PUD WDFW Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife WSTR Warm Springs Tribe YATR Yakima Tribe
An administrative body created by the Kentucky Constitution or by the legislature or governor under the provisions of law to carry out or perform governmental services required by the constitution or state law. (Example: Commission on Human Rights)
An acronym for the educational, private, or governmental entity conducting the study and responsible for the project.
Any governmental body employing persons in State service
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A company in the business of creating advertisements, packaging and names for products and services, as well as providing marketing and merchandizing advice and general business and promotional counsel to its clients.
An insurance company that produces business through an agency network.
A company that represents models, actors and talent of any kind. A modelling agency is responsible for representing and promoting its roster of models and booking jobs for them. Modelling agencies usually handle contracts, payments and the whole business side of the model's life. Sometimes, especially with larger agencies, the agency will "lend" the model money for a photo shoot, comp cards, clothes, an apartment, etc. The agency will then pay itself back by taking money out of the model's first earnings. It is MOT usual for reputable agencies to charge a 'sign-up' or 'joining' fee, or to charge for test shots - if they feel you have potential as a model they will be eager to sign you.
The ability and freedom to choose good or evil.
Agency (or free agency), in Latter-day Saint theology, is "the privilege of choice which was introduced by God the Eternal Father to all of his spirit children in the premortal state". Mortal life is viewed as a test of faith, where our choices are central to the Plan of Salvation. "It was essential for their eternal progression that they be subjected to the influences of both good and evil".
State Licensed Agency that provides counseling to birthparents, homestudies to prospective adoptive parents, relinquishment services and post-placement programs for triad members. These Agencies may also provide Intercountry and Special Needs adoption services.
The ability to make meaningful actions and see the results of those choices. An aesthetic pleasure that produces a satisfaction beyond simply clicking a mouse. Also a feeling of empowerment when the world is effected by one's intentions. See Murray and Meteas.
Individuals exercise agency when they feel empowered to make choices and decisions.
The Agency is a super-secret U.S. intelligence group in the popular Syphon Filter game franchise. At first, it appears the Agency exists in order to safeguard the people of the United States and its interests abroad, but it later becomes evident in the series that the Agency is little more than an international arms consortium dealing in all kinds of weaponry, including the Syphon Filter virus. It is not clear when the Agency was created, but it is clear that it has shaped events in the international community since at least 1979.
A term referring to the view that a person has about the origins of her behaviors. People in individualist cultures often have a sense of agency in which the person herself is regarded as the source of the actions; people in collectivist cultures have a sense of agency that emphasizes the role of the situation.
An individual or company that acts as the intermediary between a buyer and seller of securities, or other investment instruments. Commissions are charged for the service.
an adoption agency. Neither an Adoption Support Agency nor an Intermediary Agency is included in the definition of agency.
An agency acts between a buyer and a seller. It doesn't take a risk as a firm and it charges a commission for the service.
An organization beholden with the responsibility to design, produce and manage the advertising for its customers. Agencies that handle digital creative and online campaigns are typical called interactive agencies. Many agencies handle both interactive and traditional media.
An organization or individual that manages many providers. The agency handles all calls, bookings and advertising. The agency takes a percentage of the fee for each session.
This refers to the proposed trans-Tasman therapeutic goods regulator and, 'Agency' covers also 'Authority' and 'Regulator'.
That organization to which application is made for support of a sponsored project.
An outside entity that provides funds to the University. A company or agency paying for / requesting the research. See Sponsor
Sponsoring agency, from a grant viewpoint.
Public entities created by the state such as a commission, board, state college or university.
The entity contracted to inspect new OCTG using the methods and criteria specified.
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the Highways Agency
assets, liabilities, revenues and expenses which are controlled by Defence or a subsidiary. Includes officials allocated to the organisation.
the name of an organization or individual that developed the data set
OSI's parent organization is the California Health and Human Services Agency.
An organisation that provides services to a group of people in the community.
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Agency is the specific campus the order will be billed to. For the West Campus the agency code would be WES, the west campus, the central campus and the east campus each are separate agencies and have different agency codes
allied member asset management account
An organisation, which is either statutory, private or voluntary, which provides and/or purchases social care, health care or housing in the community.
When used alone means either a state agency or a political subdivision.
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A firm that solicits insurance for one or more insurance carriers. It may also issue policies and adjust losses.
The Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency.
Central and branch locations. Also often called UNIT.
A grouping of sales producers according to region. Compare with Branch.
The component of a State, which is responsible for the performance or administration of all or some part of a State award.
The Food and Drug Administration
The organisation which takes care of advertising for clients.
Ad agency employed by client.
An agency is a collection agency to which claims are referred for collection by creditors.
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See "translation company".
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Abbreviation Tax Treatment
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A central Agency will be in charge of the day to day management of REACH.
Individuals under common management whose goal is to sell and service insurance
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A term referring to the CAS in general
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Market research companies are often referred to as research agencies.
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Agency security.
a transfer of property rights from one person to another
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(see public agency)