Definitions for "Component"
Serving, or helping, to form; composing; constituting; constituent.
A constituent part; an ingredient.
From OWL Web Ontology Language Guide ( 2004-02-10) for parts of a definition e.g. the arguments to intersection-of in a class definition
Reusable objects that you can place on a page or template to perform a certain task. For example, an ImageLink component uses a GIF or JPG image as an anchor for an HTML hypertext link. The behavior and appearance of components are determined by their properties. See the Component Reference for definitions of each component.
component is a locus of computation or data storage. Component is one of our fundamental architectural types. Connectors are usually represented as boxes or other compact shapes in our environments.
a piece of a software system, for example, module, module user interface, model, pre/post-processor, or framework user interface.
Assembly a combination of two or more parts or sub-components to form an assembly.
One of the items forming part of an electrical circuit, either passive or active.
A separate part of a printed board assembly which performs a circuit function. Active devices, such as resistors, capacitors, or semiconductors, have distinct electrical characteristics that perform specific functions in a circuit and with terminals which may be inserted into or mounted on, a printing wiring board to form a printed wiring assembly. connector
Examples of components are Outlook Express, Microsoft NetMeeting, and the VDOLive player. You can include many Internet components from Microsoft and other companies with the Internet Explorer browser.
The administrator can include many Internet components from Microsoft and other companies with the Internet Explorer browser. The administrator can include many Internet components from Microsoft and other companies with the Internet Explorer browser. Examples of components are Outlook Express and Microsoft NetMeeting.
The administrator can include many Internet components from Microsoft and other companies with the Internet Explorer browser. Examples of components are Outlook Express, Microsoft NetMeeting, and the VDOLive player.
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An analog YUV video-only connection. Good quality but some data loss due to the analog connection.
In DirectX Video Acceleration, one of three color channels {Y, Cb, Cr }.
Video systems that process the chrominance and luminance signals separately between recording and viewing. Used in high-band analogue and digital systems, it results in sharper pictures and richer colors.
For the pop-up menu, select the class section component, such as lecture, lab, or, discussion group, that you want to retrieve.
The term used to refer to the various parts of courses (e.g., lectures, labs, tutorials, etc.). See Terminology: Type of Instruction for details.
Indicates the section type of the class (e.g., lab, recitation, lecture, seminar, etc.) (see Class Numbers and Components)
Part of a compound lens consisting of one element (single lens) or more than one element cemented or otherwise joined together. A lens may therefore be described as 4-element, 3-component when two of the elements are cemented together.
An individual prefabricated concrete element.
A component is an instantiation of a physical logic cell such as a CLB or IOB.
A section or subsection of the comprehensive plan that deals with a specific area of cancer prevention or control (risk factor, cancer site).
A Component is a subsection of a Product. It should be a narrow category, tailored to your organization. All Products must contain at least one Component (and, as a matter of fact, creating a Product with no Components will create an error in Bugzilla). CPAN CPAN stands for the "Comprehensive Perl Archive Network". CPAN maintains a large number of extremely useful Perl modules - encapsulated chunks of code for performing a particular task.
A basic part of a field. Each component is indexed by a string (eg. "positions") and its value is typically an array object.
Not a window. It is an abstract class underlying Button s etc. Object n/a
An object inside another object. In Omnis Studio, we add "components" to GUI classes like windows, reports, toolbars and remote forms from a tool called the "Component Store".
An small, individual unit of movement.
"The manifestation of a given archaeological PHASE at a site." (Willey and Phillips 1958: 21.) Sites may be "single component" (only one distinct cultural unit), or "MULTI-COMPONENT" (2 or more cultural units).
A deployable unit of code within the system.
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A component in the Teligent P90/E system is a set of programs that performs a specific operation. When a component is requesting work from the system it is acting as the client and when it is performing work that another component has requested it is acting as the server. The component is normally referred to using a three character acronym, e.g. ‘SCH' for ‘Scheduler'. However, when running on the system, all components report using a four character acronym. The fourth character is the component's instance identification (e.g. SCHA or SCH1). The characters used for the component instance identification can be of the following type: A – Z, 1 – 9, *, ? or %.
The C5 operating system is made up of several components that can be specified when building the system image. Some components are mandatory for the system, such as the kernel, DRV, and the bsp components. Other components include, os, tools, the X11 libraries, and the examples.
A computing device that potentially stores or provides access to assets. Examples are workstations, servers and routers. Components can be connected to networks and can contain operating systems and application programs.
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These are snippets of Cake code (outside Controllers) that can be re-used.
A package of code that has a trusted relationship with a Jabber Server and provides Jabber Entities with functionality that is not part of the core server (e.g., a Service or Gateway).
A package of code that supplements the core JCS by providing functionality for a service or gateway.
Used generically, this can refer to any entity or part. In software, today, is usually refers to a software module, organized via object-oriented techniques. (See object-oriented.)
A component is a retrievable object associated with a package or module. Examples of module components are Source, Fullsource (source plus dependencies), Documentation, and Example. Available components vary from module to module and package to package. Note that source is not always available (it is never available for commercial software indexed in GAMS).
The collection of programs and modules that perform a single, identified technical or business function. Examples of components include the scheduler of an operating system or the parser of a compiler.
Consecutive and meaningful text in a chain letter that may affect propagation. For example, a testimonial or instruction. Components may be variously identified: " Do not send money, for fate has no price" can be construed as a single component or two adjacent components. A chain letter component corresponds to a meme, as defined by Richard Dawkins in 1976.
The basic building block of a Mason site. A component is usually defined in a source file inside the component tree, though one file may define several components. Components can also be created on the fly by feeding component source text to the Interpreter's make_component() method.
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I'm not sure the piece about the usual location of Components is necessary. In fact, designers might take this the wrong way and think that Mambo layout isn't very flexible! Saying that "components are usually displayed in the center of the content area of a template" might be clearer way of describing this. I would also like to see words like "built-in" or "included" when explaining which components are delivered with a core Mambo installation.
A component is a single, self-describing, installable (interactive or silent) binary file containing a single piece of software, such as firmware image, driver, agent, or utility, that is supported by the management and update tools.
An individual piece of veneer that is joined to other pieces to achieve a full length and width face. Piece and Leaf are terms used interchangeably with component in the context of a face.
Components used by Fourth Shift to create custom product configurations or bills of materials. Any material or work center can be selected for use in the Options Manager.
A work-product fragment whose production is a managed work assignment. See Abstract component.
In mathematics, in the field of group theory, a component of a group is a quasisimple subnormal subgroup. It is a standard result that any two components of a group commute. The product of all the components is termed the commuting product and also as the layer of the group.
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Component is a light rail station operated by Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority. The station is located located in San Jose, California in the center median of 1st Street near Component Drive. The station's street address is 2540 N.
a systematic instance which, being in interaction with other in stances of the same order, regulates the production and interpretation of linguistic chains. For the semantic plane, there are four components: thematic, dialectic, dialogic and tactic.
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A built-in FrontPage object that is evaluated and executed when an author saves the page or, in some cases, when a site visitor browses to the page. Most components generate HTML. Components in FrontPage include Search forms, which provide full text-searching capability in a web, and Save Results form handlers, which gather information from a form and store it in a file or send it to a specified e-mail address. The FrontPage Software Developer's Kit contains instructions for adding custom components to Page view menus in FrontPage.
A group of related pages related to each other that reference a particular task. Each component consists of folder tabs with each tab displaying a related page. Components can be accessed from the menu pagelet or navigation page.
A group of related action categories; the largest building blocks of an alternative. The components for the Phase II Alternatives include a component for Delta conveyance, a component for storage, and the four common programs.
In frequency domain electromagnetic surveys this is one of the two phase measurements – in-phase or quadrature. In “multi-component” electromagnetic surveys it is also used to define the measurement in one geometric direction (vertical, horizontal in-line and horizontal transverse – the Z, X and Y components).
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(of a vector): Any vector can be expressed as a collection of vectors whose sum is equal to the original vector. Each vector in this collection is a component of the original vector. It is common to express a vector in terms of components which are parallel to the x and y axes.
Any vector can be expressed as the sum of two mutually perpendicular component vectors. Usually, but not always, these components are multiples of the basis vectors, and ; that is, vectors along the axis and axis. We define these two vectors as the - and -components of the vector.
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For a trend chart, a building block that customizes a charting feature or a representation of data.
A PL/SQL stored procedure created by a WebDB component build wizard; for example, a chart, report, or form. Executing the stored procedure creates the HTML code used to display the component.
An organizational unit so prescribed and designated by the Secretary of Defense in his or her sole and exclusive discretion, such as the Office of the Secretary of Defense, Military Departments, a Defense Agency, or a DoD Field Activity.
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Components are the atomic information holders as far as the tcl API is concerned; finer grained data inside a component can only be accessed by means of C-language actions.
Container A component is a container that identifies (and the relevant valuation of) an instrument used to compute and index and the associated parameters used in that computation. The component value equals the component instruments' value (componentValue) multipled by the multiplier then added to the baseValue all multiplied by the weighting. "component" value=("componentValue" * "multiplier" + "baseValue") * "weighting".
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See ActiveX Component.
An executable service that incorporates the logic for a single business rule or function. A component can be reused and shared between application systems.
Applications in the R/3 System are combinations of components. The components are held in a hierarchy, which can be displayed in the R/3 Reference Model, that describes the functional scope of the applications in a top-down fashion. The number of components and the number of levels an application has in the hierarchical structure depend on its functional scope.
The smallest unit of functionality that you can add to an OS design.
A portion of a product that is subject to separate test performance and/or construction requirements in addition to those applied to it during the complete product investigation. A component may be either Listed, Recognized, or described as an Unlisted Component.
A detailed budgetary level for a specific activity. One or more components will comprise a budget request unit.
A component is a collection of files. A component can also be referred to as a type of Trove.
One of the sinusoids composing a complex sound, also called a frequency component
A product that is not subject to decomposition from the perspective of a specific application. (ISO 10303-1)
See Application component.
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In Voyager, a component refers to a serials check-in record.
An electrical device such as a cassette deck, compact disk player, graphic equalizer or amplifier. Each is purchased separately and then connected together to make a complete system.
A group of pages used for completing processes in EIS.
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The type of investment that may be held within an  ISA (stocks and shares or cash).
a flat shape cut from 24ga sheet. Shapes such as squares, triangles, and circles.
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An entity about which measurements are collected for reporting purposes. Sample components include a specific network storage device; the Web address; and a person with whom you have a customer relationship. Each component type in the data model has a set of measurements and attributes that apply to all components of that type.
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Either a pure metal or a compound of which an alloy is composed.
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a non-dominant member of a plant community
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A generic term used to refer to a UPS and/or any of its load segments or internal components.
Any digital file. This definition uses the term “file” in the IT sense, meaning “a collection of related data stored as a unit with a single name” rather than in the records management sense.
High quality way of connecting screens to source.
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See connected component.
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See device.