Definitions for "Definition"
Act of ascertaining and explaining the signification; a description of a thing by its properties; an explanation of the meaning of a word or term; as, the definition of "circle;" the definition of "wit;" an exact definition; a loose definition.
Description; sort.
a sequence of words that gives meaning to a term
Distinctness or clearness, as of an image formed by an optical instrument; precision in detail.
The clarity or distinctness with which detail of an image is rendered; fidelity of reproduction of sound or image.
Extremely low bodyfat coupled with superior muscle separation and vascularity; the physical manifestation of 'dialing it in'. Adjectives that are used to describe this desired state include ripped, shredded, sliced, cut, striated.
A construct that initializes and allocates storage for a variable, function, or class. For a function, the definition specifies the name, formal parameters, body, and return type; for a class, the definition specifies its data members and functions. See also declaration.
a set of method signature declarations
a variable access in which a variable's value is changed
In a conventional crossword, the definition forms the whole Clue. Depending on the type of crossword, it could be a definition taken from a dictionary, or a more subtle way of suggesting the answer. For example, lance could be defined as Weapon or What you need if you're tilting. In a Cryptic Crossword, the definition is the part that leads to the Answer directly.
Most commonly employed for specification, though with varied accompanying suggestions of dictionary, syllogistic, or mathematical adaptation. These latter, taken in a group, provide a startling exhibit of epistemological chaos. In recent years a specialized technical application has been under development for the word in formal logic. Establishment in this last use seems desirable, but the confusion is now so areas that it is here deemed essential to deprive the word of all terminological status above that of a characterization until a sufficiently large number of experts in the fields of its technical employment can establish and maintain a specific use.
A Forth execution procedure compiled into the dictionary.
a single sentence with additional information included in a Discussion
a single sentence with additional information included in discussion notes
a single sentence with additional information included in discussions
An exact enunciation of the constituents which make up the logical essence.
a formula which states the essence of something (cf
a phrase signifying a thing's essence
Definition was a Canadian television game show, which aired on CTV from 1974 to 1989. The show was hosted by Bob McLean for its first season and by Jim Perry thereafter. Nick Nicholson and Roger Muir, the masterminds behind The Newlywed Game, created the series.
an attribute of an atom (an occurrence of a string in a source vocabulary)
Definitions are human-readable names given to objects contained in the database. 'Definition' is an attribute of every object in the Biozon database. As Biozon incorporates data from a variety of sources, different sources that describe the same object might provide slightly different definitions. For example, "Mitochondrial inheritance component MDM10" and "mdm10p [Saccharomyces cerevisiae]" may be two definitions given to the same protein by two different sources. Therefore, when displaying the profile of a particular object, Biozon decides on one representative definition to display. However, all definitions are considered when searching for a particular object, and all definitions are accessible by viewing the appropriate descriptor documents associated with a given object.
The absence of fat over clearly delineated muscular movement. Definition is often referred to as "muscularity," and a highly defined bodybuilder has so little body fat that very fine grooves of muscularity called "striations" will be clearly visible over each major muscle group.
Term that refers to having low body fat that permits muscles to stand out in bold relief.
The absence of fat in the presence of well-developed muscle.
Post-transcriptional biological modification of messenger, transfer, or ribosomal RNAs or their precursors. It includes cleavage, methylation, thiolation, isopentenylation, pseudouridine formation, conformational changes, and association with ribosomal protein.
a rule , contenttype , stringtype , or a boolexp schema element that has an id property
a rule dealing with signs
An Empowerment literacy program is one which focuses directly or indirectly on reducing social, economic, or political inequities between two groups through literacy.
The final arrangement or decision. Conclusion, settlement, determination, solution, resolution, outcome.
Physiology of the human and animal body, male or female, in the reproductive process and the physiology of the urinary tract.
(also resolution) That quality of sound reproduction which enables the listener to distinguish between, and follow the melodic lines of, the individual voices or instruments comprising a large performing group. See "focus."
a block indented relative to the term, and may contain multiple paragraphs and other body elements
The style of the second of a pair of paragraphs composing a definition list entry. The first paragraph in the pair is the term.
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a sack of flour compressed into a thimble
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a 'defined area' within a limitless undefined space
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an abstraction, why not choose a unit of space as an abstract ruler
A writing strategy that describes the nature of an abstract or concrete subject. Extended definition is a kind of essay based on that definition, expanding its scope by considering larger issues related to the subject (for example, the different ways in which different groups of people might define a term like freedom).
A dental specialty concerned with the prevention and correction of dental and oral anomalies (malocclusion).
Ratio of Contrast of fine periodic textures to the contrast of the coarse periodic textures in the TV picture, usually at some specified Spatial Frequency, e. g. definition is 10 % at 400 tvl. This parameter is related to so-called 'modulation depth'.
In styling, refers to ability of styling products to outline or highlight texture.
The ratio of the parallax (caused by the elvation of the target)to the elevation of the target.
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Definition is the sixth album by the American crossover thrash band D.R.I., which released in 1992.
The act of defining; determination of the limits; as, a telescope accurate in definition.
The ability of a telescope to reveal, in an extended object image, the contrast between two areas having nearly the same brightness.
an intellectual operation, while life is wider, richer, more fundamental than intellect
a functional one and does not list specific disabilities
a record, a Function , or a number or boolean, and a use is a record field selection, function application, or numerical or boolean operator
Vitamins are a group of organic micronutrients that are required by the body for healthy growth, development and immune system functioning. Certain vitamins are produced by the body but most vitamins are obtained from food or from manufactured dietary supplements.
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See Batchload Project Definition.
Planetary positions activate gates at both ends of a channel. Graphically displayed in the body graph by coloring the entire channel and the adjoining centers. The basis of overview analysis. Definition type
A description used to create simple and complex data types.
A complete, unambiguous description of a programmatic entity, For example, the interface and body of a method defines it.
A set of necessary and sufficient features shared by all members of a category that are the criteria for membership in that category.
a set of statements or conditions or attributes applied to the object, thing or category "identified"
The different ways GENES and their ALLELES interact during the transmission of genetic traits that effect the outcome of GENE EXPRESSION. Inheritance Patterns Categories.
A clause within an award that describes various provisions specific to that award.
A set of definite clauses whose positive literals all share the same predicate symbol.
a Tiles feature that allows a layout to be specified as a template page or as a JavaBean
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a confinement
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Quality of the edge of the stencil.
a series of superimposed language filters
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a tool, and like any other tool, it should be fashioned in a way that maximizes its usefulness
a tool, and we use tools as they work
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a kind of dinosaur that eats brains
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a map for the lost
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a good starting point, but it doesn't go far enough too
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design difficulty distance drop
a necessary starting point, and none has ever been provided -- that is understandable and consistent
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an element for the structure of the data source
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a way of producing specific results
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a system of terms