Definitions for "Noise"
I need to update this so it's accurate.... oh well... :P This project will essentially be a noise generator for networks. It will create meaningless "random" background traffic that will make the monitoring of network traffic much more difficult for
Sound of any kind.
Especially, loud, confused, or senseless sound; clamor; din.
Misinterpreted pixels in your digital image.
Pixels added randomly to an image to give it the appearance of graininess.
A term used to the point of nausea by some professionals. Images are theoretically silent, but Noise tends to make images, particularly nightshots, appear grainy.
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Loud or continuous talk; general talk or discussion; rumor; report.
To spread by rumor or report.
a loud outcry of protest or complaint; "the announcement of the election recount caused a lot of noise"; "whatever it was he didn't like it and he was going to let them know by making as loud a noise as he could"
Price and volume fluctuations which do not provide meaningful information about the market's direction.
Fluctuations in the market which can confuse one's interpretations of market direction. Noise includes "outlier" days that can distort technical trading systems.
Price and volume fluctuations that can confuse directions of market.
NOISE, Inc. is a video game development company who works as a second-party developer for Nintendo. The company was founded with a staff of 10 people in September 2, 1996 for the original purpose of developing games for PCs. A short time after, NOISE became a part of Marigul Management, Inc., a company created by Nintendo and the Japanese telecommunications company Recruit for the purpose of enlisting smaller developers to make original games for the Nintendo 64.
Noise is the point-to-point variation in image density that does not contain useful information. The magnitude of noise is indicated by the percentage standard deviation of the CT numbers within a region of interest in the image of a uniform substance (generally water), relative to the difference in CT numbers between water and air.
Statistical variability in the response of the assay from all sources, including: variation in actual quantities of reagents added or their concentration, instrument output variability, geometry of plates, uncertainty or variability in background, etc.
In the context of quality management, noise is essentially variability. For example, if you are making ketchup, noise in the process comes from variations in the quality of incoming tomatoes, in changes in ambient temperature and humidity, in variations in machinery performance, in variations in the quality of human factors, etc.
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an extra-somatic sensum
Economic noise, or simply noise, describes a theory of pricing developed by Fischer Black. To Black, noise is the opposite of information. Sometimes it's hype, other times it's inaccurate ideas, other times it's inaccurate data; noise has many forms.
the quality of lacking any predictable order or plan
a nuisance when it materially affects your comfort or quality of life
Issues include fan blade pitch and speed, hub size, venturi depth, bearing quality and layout of power supply components. Acoustical noise is measured logarithmically; each 3 db reduction represents 50% less noise.
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Seen as snow in a live picture or little fuzzy dots in a still picture. Should only be seen at lower light levels (see AGC). If very apparent in good lighting conditions then the cameras lens needs adjusting. If seen on a video recording, the VCRs tracking may need adjusting, the heads may need cleaning or replacing or the tape is worn out. Noise is more apparent in a still or snapshot as the eye tends to “average it out” by persistence of vision when viewing a “movie”.
A stench in the ear. Undomesticated music. The chief product and authenticating sign of civilization.
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a function of the degree of lash between the cam lobe and HLA surface
One of skyguide’s concerns is decreasing airplane noise. The noise caused by approach and departure procedures is a function of a variety of parameters, such as the type of airplane, weather and wind conditions, the geographical situation of an airport, etc. The airport operator, whose landing charges include a fee for noise pollution, is responsible for responding to noise-related questions and complaints.
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Music, in general; a concert; also, a company of musicians; a band.
Noise is the fourth album of the London based trip-hop band Archive.
In HPLC, this usually refers to an irregular BASELINE that is hard to measure. All baselines become "noisy" if the attenuation of the detector is decreased enough.
Various high frequency impulses ranging from a few mill-Volts to several volts in amplitude.
is any time series which has a spectrum which is continuous rather than having specific periods present. Noise comes in various types which are named after colours such as White, Brown and Pink according to the variation of amplitude with frequency. There is usually noise present in any time series in addition to any cycles.
a result of numerous factors
Although the dominant factor in laser output is light from stimulated emission, spontaneous emission is a source of noise. Since the population inversion necessary to achieve laser function can not exist free of spontaneous emission, noise is unavoidable.
The least understood and recognized pollutants. Noise is becoming a major problem in our increasingly urbanized, fast paced society. The EIS process seeks to measure the increase or decrease of noise generated by a project and to minimize its harmful effects.
Normal everyday market movement, up and down without really going anywhere. The ebb and flow of everyday market movement.
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On High Volume
Product-level or product-volume changes occurring during a test that are not related to a leak but may be mistaken for one.
data or unidentified marks picked up in digital capture or data transfer that do not correspond to the original.
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Extra words that are not searchable by the search engine. For example, the, a, an, or any term that is too broad to be useful in the database being searched. Related to stop words.
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Incorrect elements in an AC response.
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emit a noise
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See also: Exhaust. Search for noise books on
A market condition describing a period of little or no trending action; a market period to avoid.
a Federal Government initiative managed by the Australia Council
Market activity caused by program trades and other circumstances that are not reflective of general opinion. See: Program Trading
A condition that exists when the decoded message is different from what was encoded. p. 457
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Noise floor
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Create line noise