Definitions for "Compressor"
A machine for compressing gases; especially, an air compressor.
That portion of the turbocharger which increases the pressure of the air or air'fuel mixture.
A machine that compresses air, gases.
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This equipment starts to decrease the gain of an amplifier when the audio signal exceeds a certain level.
A device designed to control or reduce the dynamic range of an audio signal. See also: Backstage's guide to compressors.
A device which compresses the dynamic range of an audio signal. It makes the quiet stuff louder, and the loud stuff quieter. Carefully used, you can boost the average signal level of a channel or of your mix, for an increase in perceived loudness. Badly used, you can turn the output of a great sound system into mush.
a mechanical device that compresses gasses
a big expense, and most home haunters just approaching pneumatic props seek cheaper alternatives
a device that tries to equalize the loudness of the notes you play
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An air compressor is a valuable asset in the clay studio. It can be use to blow off ware before glazing and spraying glaze. For more information: TUTORIALS COMPRESSOR TUTORIAL
a good idea at first, as those valuable sources somewhere in the net have told you
a valuable piecve of equipment
see Codec
Program by which files are compressed. A compressor that also decompresses files (returns them to their original state) is called a codec. See also compress.
a must in any situation where you will be recording widly fluctuating sound sources or want to use the headroom of you recording efficiently
a sophisticated alternative to the well-known turbo charger
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Compressor clutch Compressor module
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A disk compressor ' zips up' your files so that they take up less space on your hard disk. They cannot be accessed without being ' unzipped' first.
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An instrument for compressing an artery (esp., the femoral artery) or other part.
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a real good investment but I keep a can of propel around for late nite use
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a terrific add-on for playing in a band situation, where you want a more-or-less constant average level in relation to the other instruments
An apparatus for confining or flattening between glass plates an object to be examined with the microscope; -- called also compressorium.
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Same as Encoder
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Anything which serves to compress
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a good idea, but
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a significant investment
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A muscle that compresses certain parts.
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a different type of animal