Definitions for "Limiter"
A device that will not allow sound to be any higher than a certain level, but does nothing to the sound as long as that level is not reached.
A circuit that limits the peak amplitudes of signal waveforms to a predetermined level.
A device similar to a compressor. It differs in that the threshold is set at the point you do not want the signal to exceed. A compression ratio of infinity to one then stops the signal from exceeding the threshold. Most compressors can also be used as limiters by setting the compression ratio as high as possible, and then setting the threshold high enough. Some compressors also have separate limiter circuits.
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A symbol, such as + or -, used to include or exclude search items. For example, if you search for ham +eggs, you would look for documents which have both words or just eggs (the + in front of eggs means eggs must be included); ham eggs-seuss would look for documents with both words, but no mention of Dr. Seuss (the - in front of seuss means Dr. Seuss can't be included).
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A friar licensed to beg within certain bounds, or whose duty was limited to a certain district.
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One who, or that which, limits.