Definitions for "Expander"
Anything which causes expansion esp. (Mech.) a tool for stretching open or expanding a tube, etc.
A dynamics processor which increases the dynamic range of a signal--basically the opposite of a compressor. Limited application in live sound, except when used as a gate.
A circuit to perform dynamic range expansion of an audio signal, usually in a logarithmic manner. The receive portion of a companding system.
a silicone-walled pouch that resembles an empty balloon with a small valve in its front wall
the procedure used to stretch skin so that it can later cover defects (scars, for example) it didn't reach before. A silicone balloon is inserted underneath the skin and then gradually filled with a saline solution.
a balloon-like device used to create a breast mound in breast reconstruction surgery
Appliance used to widen the upper dental arch
an orthodontic appliance that can gently widen the jaws to make more space for the teeth
A tool which enlarges a bore during a pull-back operation by compression of the surrounding ground rather than by excavation. Sometimes used during a thrust boring process as well as during directional drilling/guided boring pull-back.
A MIDI expander is an instrument that has no keyboard and can only be played via its MIDI IN socket and an external keyboard or other controller. Sounds are sometimes preset and non-adjustable, but some of the more recent units are quite versatile. Originally intended as add-ons for organs, the better expanders potentially have much wider application.
A plug that is slightly wider at one end to be used to stretch or enlarge a piercing.
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Vitro Palsy
A Harmon-patented tool that safely controls the release of the windshield from the pinchweld during the cutout process.
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Export ExpressCard
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A ring placed under a piston ring to increase ring pressure on the cylinder walls. For instance an oil control ring may have an expander ring to assist the oil-control ring to scrape oil off the cylinder wall and provide further sealing. See piston ring expander.
a simplified low-cost extruder with a fixed ring-gap configuration
A threaded metal ring which allows a lamp collar to accept the next larger size burner.
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Cryogenic turbine that expands and cools a gas stream
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a sparse graph with high
an input/output control device such as a switch that receives information packets at a port from a source and routes the information packets through a selected one of plural other ports to the correct destination