Definitions for "snr"
This is a project which helps network administrator to collect signal/noice-rate statistics from Lucent Wireless AccessPoint devices via SNMP, store it into MySQL database and view summary graphs via CGI-module.
SNR measures the ratio between the usable video signal and noise or interference.
The ratio of a wanted signal to the background interfering signal or noise, measured in dBs. SINR (I is Interference) is similar.
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Single Number Rating is a rating system set up by the European Union (EU). Tests are conducted by independent testing laboratories with no direct participation by manufacturers. The independent testing laboratories meet all of the regulatory requirements as set out by the EU. The test results serve as a guideline to indicate the amount of potential protection a hearing protection device will give in a noisy environment. All Howard Leight hearing protection devices are tested according to the requirements established under EN 352.2 1993 (ear plugs) and EN 352.1 1993 (ear muffs). All tests are performed ant independent testing laboratories located at either B.I.A., Germany, or by Inspec Laboratories LTD, England at the University of Salford, Department of Acoustics.
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Supernova Remnant
Commercial announcement time that is available if the current advertiser does not renew. Also seen as "PNR" (Pending Nonrenewal).
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Signature not required
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School of Natural Resources.