Definitions for "Supernova"
A violent stellar explosion that can shine as brightly as an entire galaxy of billions of normal stars. Astronomers divide supernovae into two groups: Type I and Type II. Type I supernovae most likely form as a white dwarf "steals" hot gas from a companion star. If enough gas piles up on the surface of the white dwarf, a runaway thermonuclear explosion blasts the star to bits, leaving nothing behind. These are the brightest supernovae, and can be used to measure the distances to other galaxies. Type II supernovae are the final stage in the evolution of stars that are at least eight times as massive as the Sun. Such a star reaches a point where it can no longer produce nuclear energy in its core. Without the outward pressure created by this energy, gravity wins out and causes the star's core to collapse to form a neutron star or black hole. The star's outer layers "rebound" violently, blasting into space at several percent of the speed of light.
The explosion resulting when a massive star explodes violently, becoming temporarily brighter than a thousand stars. Because supernovae are so bright, they can be seen from very far away, and thus are useful as standard candles. For more about supernovae, check out the distant supernova search.
A star that, due to accretion of matter from a companion star (Type Ia) or exhaustion of its own fuel supply (Types Ib, Ic, and II), can no longer support itself against gravity and thus collapses, throwing off its outer layers in a burst of energy that outshines an entire galaxy.
a science fiction thriller that chronicles the high-stakes adventures of a deep space hospital ship and its six member crew
Supernova was a 2000 science fiction film, from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/United Artists. The film was written by David C. Wilson, William Malone and Daniel Chuba and directed by Walter Hill credited as Thomas Lee.
Supernova is a text adventure game written by Scott Miller for MS-DOS, published by Apogee Software (now 3 D Realms). The story of the game was written by Scott Miller and Terry Nagy.
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Supernova is the debut album from the L in TLC - Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. This album wasn't released in the United States. It was only released overseas.
Supernova is the eleventh Marvel Heroclix set to be produced by Wizkids and released on November 15, 2006.
Supernova is the name of an album by The Echoing Green. It primarily features brand-new material, along with a few reworked tracks from previous recordings.
Design created by glass artist James Alloway. James incorporates his own creations of latticino, stringer and millefiore, swirling these pieces together with airtrap bubbles following along one side of the colored swirl. Dichroic glass glistens throughout the different levels of layering.
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Supernova is a British comedy television programme produced by Hartswood Films and jointly commissioned by the BBC in the UK and UKTV in Australia. It follows Dr Paul Hamilton (Rob Brydon), a British astronomer, who leaves a dull academic post and disliked girlfriend for a new job at the Royal Australian Observatory, deep in the Australian outback. The comedy centres around his difficulties adjusting to life in the outback and his eccentric fellow astronomers.
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a complex thing," says Steve Allen of Cambridge University, UK, leader of the team
A software package which combines both screen magnification and screen reading software. The magnification element of Supernova is known as Lunar and the a screen reading component is known as HAL.
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"Supernova" is the only single from German industrial metal group OOMPH! off of Ego.
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a different kind of ending