Definitions for "Nova"
A star which suddenly increases in brightness thousands of times, then fades back to near its original intensity. It may appear as a "new" star if its original brightness was too low for routine observation. A star which suddenly increases in brightness to many millions of times its original intensity is a supernova, and the postulated mechanisms for the increases of brightness of novae and supernovae are different.
An extreme example of the cataclysmic variable phenomenon in which a star's brightness suddenly increases by a factor of a million and then fades over a period of weeks. Novae occur in binary systems of one normal and one white dwarf star, where the normal star transfers matter to the dwarf via an accretion disk. The accreted matter accumulates until such time that it spontaneously ignites in a thermonuclear outburst on the white dwarf's surface.
An explosive increase in stellar brightness by a factor of one hundred thousand to one million. Most novas occur in closely bound binary star systems, with one member being a white dwarf. The white dwarf pulls material (mostly hydrogen) that lies outside the companion star's Roche lobe. As hydrogen falls onto the white dwarf, the surface temperature and pressure increase until the hydrogen shell suddenly explodes in runaway thermonuclear reaction. Most of the material falls back onto the white dwarf. This is a recurring process that occurs as long as a steady stream of hydrogen flows to the white dwarf.
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new The largest foreign language school in Japan. Known as one of the "big 5" Eikaiwa school, along with AEON, GEOS, ECC and Berlitz.
The Nova Group is the largest of the Big Four eikaiwa (or private English teaching companies) in Japan, with approximately 50% of total market share. The company has a student base of about 450,000. In 2004, Nova had 70.6 billion yen in sales, and as of March, 2004, there were 618 Nova branches and the Multimedia Center located in Osaka, Japan.
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Nova (1968) is a science fiction novel by Samuel R. Delany. Nominally space opera, it explores the politics and culture of a future where cyborg technology is universal, yet major decisions can involve using tarot cards.
Nova (real name Frankie Raye) is a fictional character appearing in the Marvel Comics universe.
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a sixteenth century home next to Campo San Moise, steps from Piazza San Marco
a dirty hotel with flys everywhere, especially in th restaurant
a lovely alternative to hotel living, I am excited to offer my guests the opportunity to live like a Venetian
Northern Virginia Association
Northern Virginia Traffic Management System
a venture capital fund for new technology
Nova is a name given to a group of Australian radio stations. The group comprises five stations, and are all owned by DMG Radio Australia, apart from the Perth station, which is a joint venture between DMG Radio and the Australian Radio Network.
an abbreviation of the 'Nederlandse Onderzoekschool Voor Astronomie', i
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NOVA are a space punk band from East London. They formed in Spring 2003 whilst studying at comprehensive school, Morpeth, in Bethnal Green. At present, all band members are only 15 years of age.
Nova is an open source Gnutella client built with PHPGTK and GnucDNA . It is 100% open source and an interpreted application so you can edit the source files and run the application immediately!
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a romantic comedy about several couples that break up or hook up in present day Rio de Janeiro
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NOVA (always capitalized despite not being an acronym or initialism) is a popular science television series from the USA produced by WGBH Boston. It can be seen on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) in the United States, and in more than 100 other countries. It has also won a variety of major television awards, most of them many times over.
a discussion forum, not a peer reviewed journal
a fast publication research, review and news journal, covering the full range of the Earth Sciences
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The codename for the F, G, H and I class servers.
a burst of inspiration, an expiration of an inspiration, that marks the sun's end and beginning in a burst of brilliance ten thousand fold its norm
a native american name which means "butterfly chaser".
a strong international brand, offering a wide range of consistently high quality fruit throughout the year
a wonderful brand of household appliances, being used at home or in a professional surrounding
a worldwide leading Game Mousepads manufacturer
Scaled down interim version of Thunderbird carrying a single person
a "no-via'', a nondirectional point in zero time, in which there is at once both and neither a going and a returning
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a sharp, oriental, woody fragrance
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a software house specialized in GIS products and applications, and therefore development activities where the geographic component has a crucial and central role
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Moon direct flight vehicle deferred in favor of Saturn V
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a sweet, sweet girl with a very gentle personality
The data processing systems, networks, and operations that are used to support and deliver Visa's authorization, clearing and settlement services.
a mix of unit types intended to work together in combined arms fashion
a highly functional program with TI-Office with it