Definitions for "Deferred"
A instance of twisted.internet.defer.Deferred, an abstraction for handling chains of callbacks and error handlers ( errbacks). See the Deferring Execution HOWTO.
a callback mechanism, nothing more
When you're deferred, it means you've applied early action. Instead of receiving an offer of admission, the office has decided to put you in the pool with the applicants who are turning in their applications for regular notification on January 1 for freshman applicants and April 1 for transfer applicants. Deferral is not a rejection and it's not being put on the wait list. If you've been deferred, it's a good time to start talking to your admissions counselor about how awesome you are and how Chicago would be a good fit for you. Another good idea would be to schedule an interview, if you haven't already had one.
Contractually suspending the payment of a loan until a later period of time.  However, the interest will accrue (build up) and be added to the total repayment.
put off to later; "requested a deferred payment"; "our postponed trip"
Shares with the notation 'd' are the result of a reconstruction of the company's share capital.
a placeholder that allows us to specify what happens when the result comes in
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Check this box to enter deferred deposits/withdrawals.
Check this box to enter deferred withdrawal amounts.
boolean Simple Signifies that rights to a stock are deferred after those of common and preferred owners.
The status of a transaction where final action has not yet been performed due to a reason other than a future-dated transaction. Transaction/application previously submitted can again be requested/submitted for processing upon submission/completion of the requirements.
Receipt of compensation is delayed until a future date (such as upon attaining normal retirement age).
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Another term for "back months."
See "back months."
Board has deferred its decision. More supporting information required.