Definitions for "ADA"
American Disability Act
Americans with Disabilties Act
The ADA is the federal law governing the rights of persons with disabilities.
Block-structured programming language developed under the guidance of the U.S. Department of Defense to provide a medium for writing real-time, concurrent applications for facilitating program verification.
A Pascal-descended language that has been made mandatory for Department of Defense software projects by the Pentagon. Hackers are nearly unanimous in observing that, technically, it is precisely what one might expect given that kind of endorsement by fiat; designed by committee, crockish, difficult to use, and overall a disastrous, multi-billion-dollar boondoggle (one common description is ``The PL/I of the 1980s''). Hackers find Ada's exception-handling and inter-process communication features particularly hilarious. Ada Lovelace (the daughter of Lord Byron who became the world's first programmer while cooperating with Charles Babbage on the design of his mechanical computing engines in the mid-1800s) would almost certainly blanch at the use to which her name has latterly been put; the kindest thing that has been said about it is that there is probably a good small language screaming to get out from inside its vast, elephantine bulk.
High order computer language for US armed forces
Average Daily Attendance. Average of the number of students present at (as opposed to enrolled in) a school during the time it is in session.
Average Daily Attendance(Membership Days minus Absence Count) divided by number of days in reporting period Example:1 student has 40 possible membership days and is absent 1 of those days (40 - 1) / 40 = .975 ada
AVERAGE DAILY ATTENDANCE. The average attendance of students in a school corporation taken over a three week period beginning the first Monday after Labor Day. Kindergarten is counted as one-half ADA. A full year ADA is also determined and is used for statistical purposes.
adenosine deaminase deficiency
an enzyme found in mammals that can catalyze the deamination of adenosine into inosine and ammonia; "ADA deficiency can lead to one form of severe combined immunodeficiency disease"; "the gene encoding ADA was one of the earlier human genes to be isolated and cloned for study"
Australian Digital Alliance
Ada Lindl. 1854, is a genus of 16 species in the orchid family (Orchidaceae), subfamily Epidendroideae, tribe Cymbidieae, subtribe Oncidiinae, alliance Oncidium. The type species is Ada aurantiaca.
Ada is a 1961 political drama film made by Avon Productions and distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. It was directed by Daniel Mann and produced by Lawrence Weingarten from a screenplay by Arthur Sheekman and William Driskill based on the novel Ada Dallas by Wirt Williams. The music score was by Bronislau Kaper and the cinematography by Joseph Ruttenberg.
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Ada, also known as Aida the Dog played Colin in the British comedy TV series Spaced, starring Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson. She was named after Ada Wong, a character from the Resident Evil series. Her name was misspelled in the series' credits as "Aida".
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mericans with isabilities ct
apparent dot area. The dot area of a printed halftone.
Nintendo 64 game . She is the sister of that game's werewolf protagonist Cornell and one of the main characters. In the introduction sequence in the game she is kidnapped by Count Dracula's footmen, with the apparent purpose being to sacrifice her in order to bring the dark lord back to his full powers.
'Ada is an enzyme induced by treatment of bacterial cells with alkylating agents that mainly cause methylation damage. This phenomenon is called the adaptive response and hence the name. Ada is also called as O6 alkyl guanine transferase I (O6 AGT I) .
N-[2-acetamido]-2-iminodiacetic acid; Buffer for pH range 6.0-7.2
Analog Distribution Amplifier.A device that takes in one signal and distributes it to several outputs without "tying" those outputs together (buffered).
Albanian Orthodox Diocese of America
Airtight Drywall Approach. A building construction technique used to create a continuous air retarder that uses the drywall, gaskets, and caulking. Gaskets are used rather than caulking to seal the drywall at the top and bottom. Although it is an effective energy-saving technique, it was designed to keep airborne moisture from damaging insulation and building materials within the wall cavity.
Atlas Distributed Analysis (ADA) is a project to deliver the tools necessary for analysis (in particular, the manipulation and extraction of summary data, e.g. histograms, from any type of event data and the user-level production of such data) over a distributed computing enviroment such as the grid. See Also grid.
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Antidumping Agreement
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AIX API ASP avatar
ADA is a memory resident, file infecting computer virus which infects COM files, including It was first discovered in Argentina in October, 1991. Upon infection, Ada becomes memory resident as a low system memory TSR.
Apple Developer Handbook: April 1995 Edition
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master ; head servant of a household.
Assistant district attorney. An assistant district attorney works for the elected District Attorney. An ADA will review and prosecute cases as assigned. ADA's meet with law enforcement, witnesses, and victims. They generally have authority to dispose of those cases assigned to them.
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Against Domestic Abuse Group
Authorization Decision Assertion
n.: Something you need only know the name of to be an Expert in Computing. Useful in sentences like, "We had better develop an ADA awareness."
compliant Meets Section 508, Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility Standards. MORE Close
Area Director of Assessment - Assists the State Director of Assessment in scheduling assessments within the local area.