Definitions for "Section"
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One of the portions, of one square mile each, into which the public lands of the United States are divided; one thirty-sixth part of a township. These sections are subdivided into quarter sections for sale under the homestead and preëmption laws.
a piece of land one square mile in area forming one of the 36 subdivisions of a township
In the U.S. public land surveying system, an area one mile square. See aliquot.
The act of cutting, or separation by cutting; as, the section of bodies.
The description or representation of anything as it would appear if cut through by any intersecting plane; depiction of what is beyond a plane passing through, or supposed to pass through, an object, as a building, a machine, a succession of strata; profile.
A drawing that represents a slice through a building (usually a vertical slice).
Refers to a specific offering of a course at a particular time and location in a term (e.g. R50 is an evening section at Richmond).
You will see this term most often in connection with the class schedule and registration. It refers to each offering of the same course at a different time and with a different instructor. For example, SPCH 1300 Speech Communication (the speech course required for all undergraduate students) is one course, but in any semester the department may offer as many as 25 or 30 sections of it, each at a different time or with a different instructor. When registering, be sure you enroll in the section, as well as the course, you want.
a smaller discussion group or lab class which is not for credit and is taken as part of a credit course
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a section is smaller than a platoon and larger than a squad; in some organizations, the section, rather than the squad is the basic tactical unit
a self-contained part of a larger composition (written or musical); "he always turns first to the business section"; "the history of this work is discussed in the next section"
a small team of policemen working as part of a police platoon
That organization level with responsibility for a major functional area of the incident, e.g., Operations, Planning, Logistics, Finance/Administration. The Section is organizationally between Branch and Incident Commander.
The organizational level having responsibility for a major functional area of incident management, e.g., Operations, Planning, Logistics, Finance/Administration, and Intelligence (if established). The section is organizationally situated between the Branch and the Incident Command.
That organization level having functional responsibility for primary segments or incident operations such as: Operations, Planning, Logistics and Finance.  The Section level is organizationally between Branch and Incident Commander.
A part separated from something; a division; a portion; a slice.
A distinct part or portion of a book or writing; a subdivision of a chapter; the division of a law or other writing; a paragraph; an article; hence, the character §, often used to denote such a division.
A division of a genus; a group of species separated by some distinction from others of the same genus; -- often indicated by the sign §.
An area in a retail store that contains one category of products.
A Section is a collection of Categories that are related in some way. It is part of the Section/Category/Content Item heirarchy. A section might be called 'News', categories in this section might be 'Today's News', 'Yesterdays News' and 'Other News'.
A separately published part of a bibliographic resource, usually representing a particular subject category within the larger resource and identified by a designation that maybe a topic, or an alphabetic or numeric designation , or a combination of these. See also Subseries.
grouping of entrants at a tournament.
a group of boxes of the same color
a group of similarly themed pages
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Ordinarily, a portion of the California Codes or other statutory law; alternatively, a portion of the text of a bill. The text of code sections is set forth in bills as proposed to be amended, repealed, or added.
A document or portion of a document that shares its contents with other documents. The Edition Manager supports two types of sections: publishers and subscribers. A publisher makes its data available to share and a subscriber subscribes to available data. See also publisher, subscriber.
A portion of river located between two points; a stretch.
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the tubular piece which holds the nib and feed
The part of the pen that holds the nib into the barrel.
(or grip section). The part of a pen that joins the point, feed, and barrel, usually contoured for gripping and often made transparent to reveal the state of the ink supply. example
the span between two SONET network elements capable of accessing, generating, and processing only SONET section overhead; this is the lowest layer of the SONET protocol stack with overhead
The smallest unit of a SONET service. It is the span between regenerators and other section-terminating equipment.
a single fiber run that can be terminated by a network element (Line or Path) or an optical regenerator
Paper folded to form a part of a book or booklet.
A folded sheet of paper forming part of a book; sections are sometimes made of insetted folded sheets of four, eight sixteen or more pages.
A printed, folded sheet of 4, 8, 16, or 32 pages, which is collated with other sections to form a book block. Also known as a signature.
a piece of web page with a name and some properties which cmsdAm knows and uses to paste templates into the precise point of the WEB page
a set of related, template-based Web documents that you can add to any site in Namo WebEditor
a special template with no URL to scan
The basic segment of a bill, with each Section being assigned a sequential number. Existing statutory law is also referred to by Section number.
the solid horizontal segments that comprise the face of the door upon which the, sometimes ornate, panels are attached (usually 4 panels per section). The Sections are hinged together to allow the door to bend as it goes up.
A logical section is a named group of objects declared in the source file. In the linkerâ€(tm)s parameter file, each section is associated with a segment so the linker knows where to allocate the objects belonging to a section (see below for segment).
a greeting to the visitors of the NCBA website and information for joining the association
a Links please Contact join the interior, Eye personal Adornment each kind of a Baby's Bonnet, and Francesc Jarque
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A group of leaves of a volume, suitable for sewing, usually about 1/2" thick.
hot rolled long product of different sections; term reserved by the steel makers for the girders which sections are I and H. The IPE has flanges of constant thickness, the IPN has flanges of variable thickness, the HEA and the HEB have webs equivalent to their width. The flanges of the HEA are less thick than those of the HEB, at equal height. Other forms of sections are merchant bars and special sections (T, U, L).
A stratigraphic sequence encountered in a well. Where a rock unit or sequence of units is thinner than elsewhere, the sequence is described as a ‘thin section’; a ‘thick section’ contains at least one thicker than normal unit.
a list formed from consecutive values in another list. A section is a list separate from the list from which it is derived.
CD information group containing 98 consecutive frames of interleaved bytes from scrambled sectors, plus C1 and C2 CIRC, subcode, and frame sync. Also referred to as a subcode block.
A part of a musical period, composed of one or more phrases. See Phrase.
Français : Section, Troncon Deutsch : Abschnitt A part of a ROUTE, limited by Stages, with specific characteristics, e.g. the same Fare. See also : Branch, LINK
a major part of the First Tee programs
In 1790 Paris was divided for administrative purposes into 48 Sections, largely controlled by the sans-culottes, particularly during 1792-4. Following Thermidor, the Sections survived, but were grouped into 12 arrondissements, closely supervised by the Convention.
Every Sub-Region is divided into Sections. Each Section is assigned to one Supervisor and includes five to eight Eas.
A part of the main body of an act of the Scottish Parliament (not being a schedule at the end of an act). Also the name for the equivalent provision of a bill (which, for Westminster bills, is known as a ‘clause’)
This is used to refer to one of the sections of any Act of Parliament. A person who is detained in hospital under the Mental Health Act (1983) is commonly referred to as 'sectioned'.
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a better place for questions so I can be sure to get to them
a dynamic online arena where you can ask coding questions and read expert opinions
a forum for our visitors to read about adult issues relating to relationships, adult toys and other adult topics, as well as ask questions of our staff
A distinct part of a country or people, community, class, or the like; a part of a territory separated by geographical lines, or of a people considered as distinct.
a link titled "post a pic of your Class A", a lot of pics of motorhomes, Probably similar
a set of lines that define several objects defined by the same class
an intimidating chunk of code for the uninitiated, but each field in the SOA has a meaningful purpose and taken a piece at a time, it is simple
See code.
The section of the tax Code in which particular laws are given.
a supposed letter from Pilate to Caesar concerning the burial and resurrection of Jesus
section - malignant pleural mesothelioma.
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A recursive section
Keywords:  subarray, array
a subarray of an array
a geographical grouping of Evening MBA students
a state or geographical area that contains a minimum of two affiliated clubs and is chartered by the corporation
One of three geographic areas of the United States in which Sectional Championships are held.
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a donor, an acceptor or neither
a multidisciplinary team involved in action research, policy analysis, process facilitation and advocacy in support of IRC's objectives
an eZ publish mechanism that's used, for example, to assign restricted permissions to objects
a number that can be assigned to an object
Keywords:  snm, icticc, membership, member, fully
a benefit of SNM membership, and as such, can only be fully utilized by SNM members
a founding member of ICTICC
a normal expression in the HPJava language, and it can appear anywhere in an HPJava program that any other kind of multiarray-valued expression can appear
a relentless variation of the famous Kitten on the Keys lick that employs constant motion, even through the break
a security made in the event of sequesstration or - in this case - the payment by the Security Deposit and Lodgement Pay-Office of a sum provided as a guarantee to cover the debt as the capital, interest and costs of one party with regard to the other
a drawing of the internal aspects of a wall or floor, etc
Type of architectural drawing that shows a cross-section view of a particular element of a home, such as a wall.
A cutaway drawing, as in a blueprint, showing the heights, openings and thicknesses of the various openings and materials.
(sometimes referred to as Series) A,B,C, or I, II, III: Because of the variety of effects she is able to achieve with the lithographic process by varying the papers, inks and transparency of color, Hibel often finds more than one combination that pleases her for a particular lithograph. Rather than eliminate all, but one section or series, the edition is developed into more than one section. For example: II 1/14 ed. 250 means that this is number one of only 14 impressions in Section II, and there are a total of 250 prints in all the sections of this subject.
The notes within one measure – divisible into its melodic or rhythmic motif.
a record of continuous sedimentation bounded by gaps, or unconformities
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A collection of one or more articles on a pagelet in the portal. It serves as a heading within a publication and is displayed in bold type. Sections have one or more publishers, one or more authors, and one or more viewers. Some sections may be required for you and you may not remove them. Other sections are optional; these you can include or exclude using the "Edit" button of the pagelet controls.
The smallest body of infantry and cavalry . 6-10 men, led by a Corporal.
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(SEC·tion). The two-dimensional face of a balk.
One of two or more trains running on the same schedule, displaying signals or for which signals are displayed.
Transportation: One of two or more trains, running on the same schedule, or for which signals are displayed. OR Engineering: A portion of the railroad assigned to a section foreman.
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a very good idea
a wonderful idea
Keywords:  exit, gates, entrance, entry, area
an area in the
a piece of code that has only one entry, at the beginning, and only one exit, at the end
a roped-off area with a pair of gates, the entrance and exit
Keywords:  broody, happy, bridge, minor, instance
a broody minor, for instance, the bridge might likely be a happy major
a basic amp with Volume and Drive via TC "SoftSat" algorithm for analog sounding distortion
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a nice reference for gamers who don't live and breathe hardware
A single length of ThinWire Ethernet cable terminated at each end with a connector
Keywords:  i've, crap, pile, fix, right
a pile of crap right now, I've not had time to fix it as of yet
Keywords:  reusable, jsp, width, renders, page
a report item that fills the width of the page
a reusable component that renders HTML or JSP page
a separate web page
a path marked out with boundary markers, through which the rider must ride while penalty points are assessed for various infractions
a valuable resource that includes new information from the SPD Licensing office
A structure within a record that contains one or more fields and may contain other sections.
a data container for one or more objects
a logical part of a book and may contains Documents Document - a searchable text document
In MyStudio PC the headings of the book, which reflect the structure of the book are referred to as "sections". See "Section List" in this Glossary.
a kind of alternative article, but its format is more for long, multipage documents
The shape of a place passing through the hull normal to the centerline.
an organization formed by and consisting of current members of the New Hampshire Library Association who share common interests within the objectives of the New Hampshire Library Association
a block of code or data memory
a block of code usually containing one or more paragraphs
A length of track that is used as a unit of train control. I.e. only one train is normally allowed into a Section when working Absolute Block System.
A general term used to refer to a sequence of sedimentary rocks, eg "sedimentary section", Mesozoic section", etc.
a good demonstration of keeping it simple, and using your theme as the A part
a number of panels linked by a common theme
Wooster's term for men's social organizations.
a contradiction in terms, and is always going to give you problems
Keywords:  delimited, text, tags, string, defined
a text string
a user-defined body of text, delimited by tags, within a document
A separate part of a script identified by a section keyword. See Also: section keyword, script.
This keyword refers to a link to a document serving as a section in a set of documents.
Keywords:  menu, entry, main, collection, items
a collection of Items and Menus
an entry in the main menu of the site
Keywords:  superficies, figure, solid, third, meet
The figure made up of all the points common to a superficies and a solid which meet, or to two superficies which meet, or to two lines which meet. In the first case the section is a superficies, in the second a line, and in the third a point.
a regular feature of the Soccer Business Daily
a reliable carrier of the day's important news, everyone can still be informed
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a bit like a routine, ie
Keywords:  vector, say, field
a vector field on , and we say
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an on-line guide for using rhythm to enhance your life
Separated by the horizontal breaks in the door. The sections are stacked on top of each other in the opening and put together with hardware. Each section rolls individually through the track system, similar to a train.
an accumulation of all the preceding material
a useful tool to select what directories you should put on different partitions
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See cache section.
Keywords:  elevation, see
See Elevation.
Given a set, S, with a Linear Order (≤) defined on it, and a ∈ S a Section is defined as the set of all elements of S which are ≤ a. In symbols:- Sa = {x
Keywords:  stretch, marked, serve, text, function
a stretch of text which is marked off from another and can serve any function the user may require, e
a sum of our own interpretations and is by no means complete or binding
Keywords:  script, element, value
a value of Script element
Keywords:  signature, see
see signature
Keywords:  accumulate, flexible, way, your, time
a flexible way to accumulate your time
Keywords:  gathering, see
see gathering
Keywords:  bit, different
a bit different
Keywords:  locality, own, right
a locality in its own right, e
Keywords:  starts, structure, new, document, see
Starts a new section. See Document Structure.
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