Definitions for "Data Dictionary"
A database schema is specified by a set of definitions expressed by a special language called a Data Definition Language. The schema is compiled and the results are stored in the data dictionary. The date dictionary contains metadata about the database and is used before before the actual data is read or modified in the DBMS.
A coded catalog of all data types listing data names and structures.
See catalog.
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a textual description of each class, its associations, attributes, and operations
a collection of descriptions of the data objects or items in a data model for the benefit of program mers and others who might need to refer to them
a description of the features and attributes relevant to the project
The collection of the elements used within the existing standards upon which segments and transaction sets are built.
A listing of all the data elements, and sometimes the segments and messages, unique to the EDI Standards that are being used.
an automated tool for collecting and organizing the detailed information about system components
a powerful tool, from which much information can be extracted for all parts of the development process
a valuable tool if it contains practical and useful information, and if it is kept up to date and accurate
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a document outlining (in brief) the various data sets used in a given map or project
a table or set of records whose values define the allowable content and meaning of attributes.
A set of read-only tables that provide information about a database.
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a record of details about these objects
A set of views provided by Oracle that describe all objects and users in the database.
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a map from keys to values
A document or system that characterizes the data content of a system.
A list that describes the specifications and locations of all data contained in a given system.
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Refer to DD.
a reference work of data about data