Definitions for "LOCATIONS"
Any place at which users exist to use or interact with the information system or application. It is also any place where business can be transacted or work performed. Location connectivity diagram (LCD) Technique used to visualize the geography of each information system. This shows the shape of a system in terms of its user, process, data, and interface locations and the necessary interconnections between those locations. Location decomposition diagram Shows the top-down geographic decomposition of the business locations to be included in a system. Logical locations Places where data are collected, work is performed, or information is needed.
Locations are subdivisions of a network that can be selected for easier organization. Locations may designate physical places, but are not required to do so. For example, network devices in one location may communicate with network devices in another location when requested to do so.
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Point at which a well is to be drilled. Commonly termed "well site."