Definitions for "Subdivisions"
Keywords:  song, airplay, sinch, suburbs, teenage
Subdivisions is a Rush song depicting and describing feelings of isolation, pain, and sadness springing up from teenage life in the suburbs, as well as describing the truth behind the feelings of being bored and trapped, mentally, physically, and emotionally as a reaction to growing up in the suburbs. It was released on the album Signals, appears on several greatest hits compilations, was released as a single in 1982, and despite doing little serious business in the UK charts, it gained a lot of radio airplay in Britain at the time. It was also played live prior to its release.
Subdivisions, an EP independently produced entirely by Sinch, consists of re-interpretations of songs from Clearing the Channel (2005). The songs are constructed from samples of past recordings, as well as newly recorded material.
When a company increases the number of shares it has in circulation by subdividing its share capital e.g. shareholders would receive 2, 25p shares for every 1, 50p share held.