Definitions for "SiTE "
A group of repeaters that are connected to the same high-speed data bus. Up to 20 LTR repeaters can be connected together in this way.
A site is a network local to a particular company, university, organization or ISP. A site may have an Internet connection, or may be a completely independent network.
A set of TCP/IP subnet address ranges that reflects the physical network structure.
A geographic location where there is at least one person that wants to have a meeting with at least one other person at another geographic location.
Areas where a hazardous substance has been deposited, stored, disposed, or placed, or has otherwise come to be located. Such areas include multiple sources and may include the area between sources.
The location and ground occupied, or to be occupied, by the project. [D03274] RMW

Metal bellows - AMH is an industry leader in the design of high quality bellows, forming machines and fabrication tools. We offer Hydroformed Bellows, Metal Tube Forming Machines, Custom Metal Forming, Hydraulic Presses, and Metal Forming Machinery.

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Another name for the remotehost. NOT equivalent to unique visitors.
A group of web pages linked so that you may easily follow from one Web page to the next. Also used to describe the information one individual, company, or entity puts on the Web.
A collection of related web pages hosted on a web server.
() A tract of land with reasonably uniform soil and climatic conditions. () A land area with the capacity to produce a particular stand or other vegetation because of biological, climatic, and soil factors.
an area described or defined by its biotic, climatic, and soil conditions in relation to its capacity to produce vegetation; the smallest planning unit.
a clearly defined, bounded area
a treasure trove of information for gardeners in all areas of the country and at all skill levels
a treasure trove of Stata knowledge
The land and all improvements on the land, other than structures, such as grading, drainage, drives, parking areas, walks, plantings, play-courts, and play-fields.
a land parcel that is adequate for building on or for other uses that require unimproved parcels of land.
a piece of land where a group of Travellers encamp for either short or long periods of time
an organizational unit, and may be academic or corporate
an organizational unit, and may be academic or nonacademic
the organizational level used to track incidents for this research, and where the CERT®/CC could expect to be working with the site administrator or other authority with responsibility for the computers and networks at that site
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A large geographic region (e.g., 55,000 square miles for the SGP site) where ARM instruments are installed. There are three ARM sites Southern Great Plains(SGP), Tropical Western Pacific(TWP), and North Slope of Alaska(NSA). There are also external data available for ARM. Link to more ARM documentation
a great animation accompanied by narration
a great asset to Atlanta businesses
Scientific Image Technologies; company that designed the ACS CCDs
a collaborative venture of the University of Texas Libraries, the College of Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services, the Division of Instructional Innovation and Assessment and UTOPIA
Superfund Innovative Technology Evaluation Program.
a clearinghouse for information on all areas of the actuarial profession
a cornucopia of information on wetlands
a good clearinghouse of links that will help you find information about the latest natural disaster
The place where anything is fixed; situation; local position; as, the site of a city or of a house.
A place fitted or chosen for any certain permanent use or occupation; as, a site for a church.
The place where an event takes place.
a mall with multiple stores (sections)
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A team that is really just a collection of machines.
a collective term covering all the Internet facilities offered by one organization.
a collection of archives on the same computer system
a combined effort of teacher volunteers in every state and provides lessons and information for the teaching of agriculture
a guide for teachers on how to teach rocketry in school
The SITE-based decision making committee to which teachers and parents are elected. Unlike SAC, SITE is comprised primarily of teachers and staff, with parent representation. SITE is the governing body of Gilchrist Elementary.
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a "Greedy Bastard"
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a showcase of U
a good jump for other Geoscience Related Servers
a one-stop for information on rules and guidance relating to the manufacture, processing, distribution in commerce, use, cleanup, storage and disposal of polychlorinated biphenyl's (PCBs)
an administratively controlled
a single campus
a single document, so no
a machine Branders, aestheticists, designers, e-community advocates - don't hate me just yet
a machine The power of metaphor (is like a
a remote machine that makes requests to your server, and is based on the remote machines access Address or its Hostname
a comprehensive resource for the UK water cooler industry
a free resource
a full service information resource for community and development issues
a piece of ground or airspace, including any attached rights to construct buildings on that ground or into that airspace, but excluding any actual buildings
a sticky, tar-like liquid known as bitumen or "brea" that occupies subterranean zones out of which also emerges methane gas
A space of ground occupied or to be occupied by a building.
a companion to a PBS special that offers an intriguing look into espionage and breaking the code of Nazi messages
a first-level group immediately under the Directory root of the console tree
a group of Exchange computers that share the same directory information and can communicate over high-bandwidth, permanent, and synchronous network connections
a primary-level unit immediately under the Directory root in the console tree
an excellent means to accomplish
an excellent place to go to find helpful information that can assist with one's recovery
an excellent resource for tracking and analyzing U
for purposes of HWIR Assessment Strategy, an Industrial Subtitle D facility with one or more waste management units within a bounded area of approximately 20 km2.
A facility designated to receive courses and other educational offerings broadcast by interactive television system. A site is usually in a high school but also may be in a place of employment.
Area, in which the inspection takes place. May consist in an estate with one or more buildings, just one building or even only a part of a building. facility domain
a photo of the celebration at JPL (Jet Propulsion Laboratory), the team that created the rover
a TLServer that has an IP address, a username and a password associated with it
any property or portion thereof, as agreed to and defined by the participant and the department, which contains or may contain contaminants being addressed under this program. [Source: Virginia Voluntary Remediation Regulations, 9 VAC 20-160-90
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a Co-Brand of Protus if it offers Protus technology or services to its users under a different brand
a Co-Brand of VXB if it offers VXB technology or services to its users under a different brand
a natural brand extension of the new A List Apart family
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a good introduction to SQL and php
The specific combination of files containing script (PHP) and graphics (JPG, GIF, PNG) available through the HTTP protocol that are combined to meet the RidgeStar requirements and is available on the Web at
An individual column of residues in an amino acid or nucleotide alignment. The residues at a site are presumed to be homologous.
physical position in relation to the surroundings; "the sites are determined by highly specific sequences of nucleotides"
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a mystery to me now
a tribute to the forward thinking King and Watkins families
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a bit like telling yer grandma how to suck eggs, but here goes
Those covered by the IPPC regime. The site boundary is defined as the physical site boundary, rather than the IPPC installation boundary.
An area managed by DOE where access can be limited for any reason. The site boundary encompasses Controlled Areas.
Within Athens, a site is the name given to an organisation (college, university, health organisation, etc) registered under Athens under one sitecode.
a recommended bookmark for any college or university reference librarian
region of an enzyme enabling the catalysis of a specific reaction
a specific EEG placement, e.g. T3 or C4.
SiTE is a fast, lightweight Java template engine which cleanly separates presentation from application code. It parses any text-based template and creates a structured document representation that enables an application to change the template's contents at runtime without regard to its format.
a violation of the USGA's copyright and other proprietary rights and is strictly prohibited
Any one of the individual nets that, as all, it constitutes the Internet.
a good way to "keep-up" on the daily changes in computer security and Internet security
an Internet address that permits the exchange of information with a host computer
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an application, and its data is grist for other applications
a guide to researching Union and Confederate soldiers
a research trial as well as a demonstration
a reference to all RCRA regulations especially as they pertain to solid waste
a total waste of time
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an integral part of our mission, since clients can have their taxes prepared and obtain the EITC free of charge
a scam if it does not pay for more than one month and does not answer emails and does not have a reasonable explanation for not paying
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a free service open to all artists on a first-come-first-served basis, and is designed specifically to meet the unique tax needs of the greater Puget Sound performing arts community
a shell for content, if it impeedes access to the content then it's completely failed
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See WebDB site.
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a part of the broader U
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an entity autonomously
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a testament to their power and flexibility
The word site in this report is used to represent the 'site of' a monument no longer visible, having been destroyed or removed.
a professional design firm with a rapidly growing, diversified Landscape Architecture and Engineering practice
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The posture or position of a thing.
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a much more convenient way fill out your FAFSA than filling it out by paper
Strategic Information Technology Effectiveness. SITE is a highly specialized area of strategy consultancy that helps top management achieve greater business value from IT.
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an extremely cool Java applet that maps the position of many of the satellites currently in orbit around the earth
a program of the Community Action Agency of South Central Michigan
in either alphabetical or logical context
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a point or spot on the cord or other object
spot where a tree will grow - consider soil, light and moisture
a Large Quantity Generator if it meets certain threshold criteria established in the regulations
a rich source of statistics and studies on many facets of population
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a link to articles, including one on storm sails
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an interim measure, and continues to work with the Court to find a cost-effective way to achieve that goal
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an important priority for the region
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a given correspondence
A concentration of cultural material.
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a complete piece of shit
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an interactive mapping program
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a little different
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a bit of an eye-opener about the business
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a full time job
The site object provides access to the site structure.