Definitions for "Website"
A series of HTML pages created around a particular topic and mounted in a structured fashion on the World Wide Web. These handouts are an example of Web pages. Can also be two words, Web site.
A group of similar Webpages (single documents), connected by links & created by a single company, organization or individual. Sometimes personal Websites are referred to as Homepage, though the Homepage is really just the first page, the "front door" of the site. See also Homepage You can create your own Website online at mc²: just login and select My Webpage [top right] See also: Creating a Homepage
A set of files stored on the World Wide Web and viewed with a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. A Website may consist of one or more Webpages.
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A location on the Internet accessible by inputting a unique address that provides information on a subject, person or organization..
It is becoming increasingly popular for congresses to be promoted on the Internet, often with the facility for delegates to register on-line.
DOMAIN: The direct name that a business or organization is listed as in an Internet Address. These are some domain names currently used in the United States: ".com" for businesses, ".edu" for educational institutions, .gov for government networks, and ".org" for organizations (notice all domains are in lowercase). Return
Online location of an archive resource or project
A location on the Internet where information is presented, often using some combination of pictures, text, and multimedia designs.
Location on the Internet which has been developed by either a business, individual or organisation for the purpose of providing information, selling or advertising. They can consist of text, graphics, and video. As the software for creating these sites become more advanced, websites becomes more interactive.
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A great tool for Clopay information.
The manufacturer website is an excellent place to get the latest information on a test car. Often, we drive models that are pre-production without finalized price or specifications.
A website is a group of documents and images on a computer that are specially formatted to be accessible on the INTERNET.
a document on the web which is comprised of linked hypertext documents.
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