Definitions for "Collection"
Steps taken by a lender to bring a person's payments back up to date.
The process a lender takes to pursue a borrower who is delinquent on his payments in order to bring the mortgage current again. Includes documentation that may be used in foreclosure.
A loan will go to "collection" when a borrower falls behind on payments. This is an attempt to make a delinquent mortgage current.
The group of digital images you have uploaded and stored in a photo album on Shutterfly.
Collection is a compilation album by The Stranglers.
Collection (2001) is a greatest hits album by Tracy Chapman. The tracks include her two U.S. Top Tens, "Fast Car" and "Give Me One Reason."
An accumulation of any substance.
(1) An implementation of an abstract data type for storing elements. (2) An abstract class without any ordering, element properties, or key properties. In the Collection Class Library, all abstract classes are derived from the class called Collection.
The body of documentary materials created by linguists and native speakers, that will be deposited in an archive. For more information see the E-MELD pages on Creating Collections and Archives.
State wherein the horse, by engaging his hindquarters, has his head positioned just in front of the vertical and moves forward in a free yet contained fashion.
the ability of the horse to shift the center of gravity back to the hindquarters becoming elevated.
Where the rider, by means of carefully balanced driving and restraining aids, causes the horse's frame to become compacted and the horse light and supple in the hand. The baseline is shortened, the croup is lowered, the shoulder is raised and the head is held on the vertical.
A draft drawn on the buyer, usually accompanied by documents, with complete instructions concerning processing for payment or acceptance.
This is where a seller sends documents relating to a shipment through his or her bank to the buyer's bank asking that they are released when a payment is made or a bill of exchange is accepted.
Collection is a set of documents created by your Athena Administrator and made available for searching in the Athena system. The query you enter is evaluated against the collections you select. If documents in the collection meet the information need expressed by your query, a Search Results Page with a Search Results List is displayed. In reality, a collection could be a combination of many different sources, such as many Web sites, Word documents, and/or databases. See Guided Tour and Understanding Collections.
A collection is a construct within an ASP script that holds a number of objects. The number of objects in a collection might be as few as zero. There are no upper limits. In most circumstances a collection might hold objects of only one type. For example, an object representing a set of database results might contain a Fields collection that contains numerous Field objects.
A group of matchcovers, which have been put into a recognizable order or arrangement.
A group of objects, with or without any particular relationships other than belonging to a named group.
The act of inferring or concluding from premises or observed facts; also, that which is inferred.
"Matters are also brought to perfection, when as the two principall Significators doe not behold one another; but both cast their several Aspects to a more weighty Planet than themselves, and they both receive him in some of their essential dignities; then shall that Planet who thus collects both their Lights, bring the thing demanded to perfection: which signifies no more in Art than this, that a Person somewhat interested in both parties and described and signified by that Planet, shall performe, effect and conclude the thing which otherways could not be perfected: As many times you see two fall at variance, and of themselves cannot think of any way of accommodation, when suddenly a Neighbour or friend accidentally reconciles all differences, to the content of both parties: And this is called Collection." [LI
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Generically, this means a group of metadata records that are organized around a theme, organization or some criteria that can be articulated. There are several different collection types within DLESE: ADN (for learning resources), annotation, news and opportunities. There are also several specific collections searchable in DLESE like the DLESE Community Collection and the DLESE Reviewed Collection.
An entity that provides and maintains access to a set of digital learning resources organized around some theme. The term collection can refer to an organization or to a set of resources. Collections usually provide additional services to their users, e.g. search, discovery, cataloging, validation or reviews. The objects in a collection are often metadata records referencing digital learning resources, but some collections maintain some or all of their resources on their own servers.
a grouping of library resources, often organized by use, physical location, or resource type. Common collections include reference, reserve, and special collections.
the activities and/or actions by lenders, guarantors, services, and collection agencies to obtain payment to an unpaid loan principal and interest form a borrower defaults on the loan.
The process of giving unpaid bills to an organization that specializes in recovering unpaid loans.
A past due debt which a creditor will attempt to collect from a borrower. Collections result from debts such as unpaid medical, credit card, or utility (telephone, electric, or cable) bills. Collections are shown on a borrower's credit report and often must be paid before other lenders can approve a borrower for a loan.
The numismatic holdings of an individual in total or of a particular type
An organized unit of various numismatic holdings.
The act or process of collecting or of gathering; as, the collection of specimens.
A gathering or assemblage of objects or of persons.
A gathering of money for charitable or other purposes, as by passing a contribution box for freewill offerings.
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Once a plucker has filled a basket or sack with tea leaf, it is taken to a collection point where it is checked and weighed before being taken to the factory
The feeCharged in a game; usually taken out of the pot or directly from each player.
A fee charged to play a poker game (taken either out of the pot or from each player).
A collection is an unordered list of CIDs. Collections are used to reference and manage subsets of the data in the Data Store and User Store. See the topic, Collections, for more details.
The set of images selected by a particular organization for King County Snapshots. They are stored in the same CONTENTdm database, although in reality they may have been selected from a number of different collections within the organization.
a process in which water soaks into the ground and is stored as groundwater
The conversion of accounts receivable into cash.
referral of a past due account to specialists in collecting loans or accounts receivable, either an internal department or a private collection agency. In a general financial sense, conversion of ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE into cash.
A referral status indicating that payments can be applied to the claim.
the process of picking up wastes from residences, businesses, or a collection point, loading them into a vehicle, and transporting them to a processing, transfer, or disposal site.
The act of picking up and moving take-off tires from th location of their generation to sorting stations or recycling facilities.
The process of picking up discarded materials from residences, businesses, or a collection point, loading them into a vehicle, and transporting them to a waste management facility.
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A process of collecting monies owed.
The process of receiving amounts owed to the federal government. Collections are transactions in which ITA receives money for products or services it provides.
the process of receiving amounts owed to the Government, such as payment on a debt.
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Attempted recovery of a past-due credit obligation by a collection department or agency.
Account Refers to the status of an account owed to a creditor when it has been transferred from a routine debt to a Collection Department of the creditor's firm or to a separate professional debt collecting firm.
An account in default for which the creditor attempts to receive payment.
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The jurisdiction of a collector of excise.
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There is no short definition of collection. It is however the goal that all dressage riders are aiming for. We will be covering this in the lesson on collection.
The initial acquisition of information, and the subsequent addition of this to the same specification, including quality assurance processes.
Any settlement from your buyer made after the initial or extended due date. The collection can be spontaneous or subsequent to actions carried out with your buyer by the Company or by yourself.
Material by one author, the preponderance of which has been published elsewhere.
The process of locating, identifying, and harvesting generally small quantities of plant material.
Removal of contaminants from an airstream. Note, collection is distinct from “capture” in that both must be accomplished if an air cleaning system is to function properly.
the garments shown by a designer in one season
A designer will call all the costumes s/he has designed that season "my collection". Also called "Line".
That which is obtained in payment of demands.
Obtain payment or liquidation of a debt or claim, either by personal solicitation or legal proceedings.
presenting a negotiable instrument for payment
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A collection consists of the items in your project that have been uploaded to the server and approved.
A set of items generated over time by receipt of a package sequence. For example, on a subscriber's site, a collection would be all the different items acquired during the subscription's duration.
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a number of books and/or other items on one subject, or of one kind, or collected by a person or organization.
A line of wallpaper patterns sold together in the same sample book.
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A term used by De Beers when sorting rough, indicating higher quality and value stones.
The act of pursuing and obtaining repayment on a loan.
Requesting, recording, or generating information. The automatic or manual collection or receipt of customer information from a customer or other party.
of personal information means collection of that information for inclusion in a record.
The act of trapping solar radiation and converting it to heat.
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The base class of the Collection? hierarchy.
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A container for organizing clips.
a payment received by your company from a customer. Also see disbursement.
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An aggregate data structure such as a list, a table, or an array. A collection is an instance of collection.
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Short for “coin collection.
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see receivables financing
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Collection Policy
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See data collection.
That which is collected