Definitions for "Satellite"
Satellite can track many remote machines with dynamic IP addresses in situations where public DNS services are inappropriate. It can log and alert an admin immediately when a site moves around, comes online, or needs attention.
A secondary planet which revolves about another planet; as, the moon is a satellite of the earth. See Solar system, under Solar.
A natural or artificial object in orbit around another body. For examples, the Moon is the largest natural satellite of the Earth, and the planets are satellites of the Sun. In addition, there are satellite galaxies that orbit the Milky Way.
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A small stakes tournament whose winner gains entry into a bigger tournament.
A tournament in which the winner is awarded free entry into a larger tournament.
A mini- tournament whose prize is entry into a larger, more expensive tournament. Entry fee for the World Series of Poker is $10,000, but there are satellites for $250.
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Satellite is the fourth studio album, and the second major label studio release by rap metal quartet P.O.D.. The album was released on September 11, 2001. The album debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard Top 200 chart with over 133,000 copies sold and went on to sell over 3 million copies in the US, making it the band's top-selling album.
Satellite was the fifth and final single off of the Dave Matthews Band LP Under the Table and Dreaming. It reached #18 on the Modern Rock Tracks chart. The song originally debuted on their album Remember Two Things.
a loudspeaker, usually one of up to 5, which has a limited bass response to reduce its size but is used with a subwoofer to provide a full frequency range in a surround sound system.
A loudspeaker unit (driver and surrounding cabinet) designed to operate with a separate subwoofer.
A satellite speaker is usually fairly small, and does not reproduce the lowest frequencies. Usually meant to be used with a woofer or subwoofer.
a "sub-viral agent composed of nucleic acid molecules that depends for its reproduction on co-infection of a host cell with a helper virus"
Satellites are subviral agents composed of nucleic acids; they depend for their multiplication on coinfection of a host cell with a helper virus (also known as the master virus).
Familiar to most people through the spread of satellite-delivered television services. Satellite transmitters have wide geographic footprints - they can reach most parts of the UK, failing only where mountains or other obstacles block the signal. Satellite broadband is particularly relevant to users who operate outside the range of ADSL or cable.
a specialised wireless receiver/transmitter that is
A type of broadband Internet connection using a small satellite dish, similar to satellite for TV.
a distal chromosomal segment separated from the rest of the chromosome by a thin chromatic filament or stalk called the secondary constriction. [Source: Agricultural Genome Information System, USDA
A chromosomal segment that branches off from the rest of the chromosome but is still connected by a thin filament or stalk.
A terminal section of a chromosome separated from the main body of the chromosome by a narrow constriction.
a lonely thing, an empty thing, quietly going about its robotic business, conducting science or transmitting information or spying on the Russians
a country that is nominally independent but actually controlled by a more powerful country; especially a country under Russian (Soviet) control.
An attendant attached to a prince or other powerful person; hence, an obsequious dependent.
from the Latin satelles (attendant).
Satellite communications are becoming increasingly important for conquering distance and enabling location independent working. Digital transmission of data via low-level satellites is set to increase the importance of satellites for remote and mobile ICT. SET – Secure Electronic Transaction – SET is the standard for e-commerce backed by Mastercard and Visa. Its high security design makes it safer than physically using a credit card, although the attendant intricacies have slowed its rollout. It may be usurped by less secure alternatives.
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an eyewitness to both
The Satellite (Eupsilia transversa) is a moth of the family Noctuidae. It is distributed throughout Europe.
Usually used in discussions of sexual selection in regards to advertisement behaviors (generally by males). The classical example is from acoustic signaling where satellites are individuals who remain silent but take up a positions (usually hidden) near an actively advertising individual. They attempt to intercept females that approach the caller. Thus, they do not pay as large a cost as do the advertisers. Satelliting may be an evolutionarily stable strategy (where at some frequency it produces the same lifetime reproductive success as alternative strategies such as advertisement) or a simple contingent behavior induced by, for example, poor physiological state.
Local terminal responsible for pickup and delivery of freight for a specific geographical area.
A local servicing terminal. Also called "city," "group," or "end-of-the-line" terminals. An accounting designation for a specific service area; not a regular freight terminal location.
An occasionally connected client machine that has a DB2 server that synchronizes with its group at the satellite control database.
a complex machine
A type of vending machine that relies on another vending machine with a controller and coinage.
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A system that is booted remotely from the system disk on a server system.
a remote extension of your existing TGP
Haemodialysis Unit = a unit that is located away from the main hospital renal unit.
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a person who follows or serves another
a country that claims to be independent but is actually under the control of another
A type of tiered cake in which several separate cakes form the base, with another layer of separate cakes placed above via columns. This creates a sort of pyramid effect and allows for more layers than a simple tiered cake.
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Satellite is a Perl website index/search package meant for indexing and searching medium size websites. Satellite currently supports text and pdf files.

broadcast or disseminate via satellite
a wireless, one-way broadcast medium providing no possibility of a Return Path (other than telephone).
a dedicated production facility which -- basically -- is a replica of our main facilities
surrounding and dominated by a central authority or power; "a city and its satellite communities"
a most sophisticated communication device, which works as a relay
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a repeater in the sky
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a delta-only time-variant set of information
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an example of a MPS
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an ASCII file containing a pass schedule similar to the basic pass schedule, only with different roll diameters and with new gap settings
a really good piece of entertainment equipment
Situated near; accompanying; as, the satellite veins, those which accompany the arteries.
a new program of the Visual Arts Department of The Americas Society (AS)
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A small speaker that only produces mid- to high-frequency sounds
a type of Carrier where no entities in the representation know its contents
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History, Characteristics
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a complex system made up of several smaller systems
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See Qualifier.
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a natural or man