Definitions for "pickup"
a component of a phonograph which contains the stylus and also components for converting the vibrations of the stylus into electrical impulses for subsequent processing into sound; often referred to as a cartridge; also, the process of converting vibrations into electrical impulses.
the conversion of sound or light into electrical signals in a sound or image recording or transmitting device.
an electronic device mounted on an instrument which allows the sound to be amplified
a small truck having an enclosed driver's compartment (cab) but an open rear with usually low sides and a tailgate. Also called pickup truck.
a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard
the act of taking aboard passengers or freight
One that is picked up, as a meal hastily got up for the occasion, a chance acquaintance, an informal game, etc.
a casual acquaintance; often made in hope of sexual relationships
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a hitchhiker who has been picked up.
acceleration; a measure of the ability of a vehicle to accelerate.
the attribute of being capable of rapid acceleration; "his car has a lot of pickup"
a lot like baseball
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The value gained in a bond swap for which the bond purchased has a higher yield than the bond sold.
The gain in yield that occurs when a block of bonds is swapped for another block of higher-coupon bonds.
Small particles of oxide adhering to the surface of a product at irregular intervals.
Small particles of oxidized metal adhering to the surface of a mill product.
Act of picking up, as, in various games, the fielding or hitting of a ball just after it strikes the ground.
the act or process of picking up or collecting from various places; "garbage pickup is on Mondays and Thursdays"
Acceptance of shipments to be transported by Purolator.
Term use for a DataSafe Delivery Representative coming to your facility and collecting items to be stored with DataSafe. When you are ready to return or add a box or file to DataSafe, call Client Services at (650) 875-3700. Also see: Add, Restore
anything with restorative powers; "she needed the pickup that coffee always gave her"
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Contributions sent to STRS Ohio by the employer on a tax-deferred basis authorized under Section 414(h) of the Internal Revenue Code.
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a social companion for the evening who is met without prior arrangement, as at a singles bar; also, the act of joining with such a companion in that fashion.
a phrase beginning that comes before the beginning of the first bar. A pickup can be one note or a longer phrase.
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a point on the race course where will be required to pickup your equipment (bike or canoe). You are only allowed to leave item(s) as specified in the race instructions.
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To add a player to your roster.
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same as Brush b.
A term descriptive of a car or cars added to a train en route between dispatching and receiving yards or cars added at dispatching yard to train operating over two or more divisions on a continuous work order.
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The first stage of an overhead cast, when the fly line is lifted from the water to begin the back cast.
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a warrant to take someone into custody; "put out a pickup on that man"
The removal of surplus cash from registers to prevent losses.
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a really sensative box that is attached to the body in between the bottom of the neck and the bottom of the bridge
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a scene which is filmed after the main production of a film has finished and which will be edited into the rest
mechanical device consisting of a light balanced arm that carries the cartridge
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Pickup switch
A previously published ad (that has stopped running) that is "picked up" and re-inserted into the paper.
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To go to the client's facility and pick up items.
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This is an action command that allows the player to pick up an object. (Or some other object to do the same.)
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See call pickup.
That which picks up;