Definitions for "TAKE"
Keywords:  harass, pursue, hunt, endangered, trap
The action of a fish in picking up or grabbing a bait or lure.
an artist's attempt to realize the director's vision for the "cut
To harass, harm, pursue, hunt, shoot, wound, kill, trap, capture, or collect, or to attempt any of these activities.
Keywords:  took, hill, engage, unwillingly, betake
To gain or secure the interest or affection of; to captivate; to engage; to interest; to charm.
To assume; to adopt; to acquire, as shape; to permit to one's self; to indulge or engage in; to yield to; to have or feel; to enjoy or experience, as rest, revenge, delight, shame; to form and adopt, as a resolution; -- used in general senses, limited by a following complement, in many idiomatic phrases; as, to take a resolution; I take the liberty to say.
To carry; to convey; to deliver to another; to hand over; as, he took the book to the bindery; he took a dictionary with him.
Keywords:  slack, belayer, tension, belay, climber
Similar to "tension!" It means hold me on a tight rope while I rest.
A command used to instruct the belayer to take in all the slack so as to create tension in the rope. Tension is also used, and up-rope can be used when top-roping or following a climb.
Command issued by a climber to the belay to take in the slack rope and hold the climber tightly.
To make a picture, photograph, or the like, of; as, to take a group or a scene.
a single continuously-recorded performance, shot or version of a scene with a particular camera setup; often, multiple takes are made of the same shot during filming, before the director approves the shot; in box-office terms, take also refers to the money a film's release has made
a recording of a single shot.
Keywords:  mutuel, horsemen, purses, deduct, pool
To remove; to withdraw; to deduct; -- with from; as, to take the breath from one; to take two from four.
Money deducted from each mutuel pool for track revenue and taxes.
a commission deducted from pari-mutuel pools.
Keywords:  admit, stake, won't, double, twice
To accept, as something offered; to receive; not to refuse or reject; to admit.
To receive as something to be eaten or drunk; to partake of; to swallow; as, to take food or wine.
To admit, as, something presented to the mind; not to dispute; to allow; to accept; to receive in thought; to entertain in opinion; to understand; to interpret; to regard or look upon; to consider; to suppose; as, to take a thing for granted; this I take to be man's motive; to take men for spies.
To lead; to conduct; as, to take a child to church.
overnight trip past 12 months: [Within the past 12 months, have there been any groups or meetings or classes or events specifically focused on] to take a trip somewhere that required an overnight stay
take somebody somewhere; "We lead him to our chief"; "can you take me to the main entrance?"; "He conducted us to the palace"
Keywords:  i'll, romania, steaks, sausage, orphan
take into one's possession; "We are taking an orphan from Romania"; "I'll take three salmon steaks"
buy, select; "I'll take a pound of that sausage"
In a somewhat passive sense, to receive; to bear; to endure; to acknowledge; to accept.
To bear without ill humor or resentment; to submit to; to tolerate; to endure; as, to take a joke; he will take an affront from no man.
experience or feel or submit to; "Take a test"; "Take the plunge"
To form a likeness of; to copy; to delineate; to picture; as, to take a picture of a person.
The quantity or copy given to a compositor at one time.
a piece of copy set by the compositor
In an active sense; To lay hold of; to seize with the hands, or otherwise; to grasp; to get into one's hold or possession; to procure; to seize and carry away; to convey.
To obtain possession of by force or artifice; to get the custody or control of; to reduce into subjection to one's power or will; to capture; to seize; to make prisoner; as, to take an army, a city, or a ship; also, to come upon or befall; to fasten on; to attack; to seize; -- said of a disease, misfortune, or the like.
To employ; to use; to occupy; hence, to demand; to require; as, it takes so much cloth to make a coat; it takes five hours to get to Boston from New York by car.
Keywords:  gun, burglar, swipe, oneself, dirty
remove something concrete, as by lifting, pushing, taking off, etc. or remove something abstract; "remove a threat"; "remove a wrapper"; "Remove the dirty dishes from the table"; "take the gun from your pocket"; "This machine withdraws heat from the environment"
serve oneself to, or consume regularly; "Have another bowl of chicken soup!"; "I don't take sugar in my coffee"
aim or direct at; as of blows, weapons, or objects such as photographic equipment; "Please don't aim at your little brother!"; "He trained his gun on the burglar"; "Don't train your camera on the women"; "Take a swipe at one's opponent"
To take hold; to fix upon anything; to have the natural or intended effect; to accomplish a purpose; as, he was inoculated, but the virus did not take.
require as useful, just, or proper; "It takes nerve to do what she did"; "success usually requires hard work"; "This job asks a lot of patience and skill"; "This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice"; "This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert"; "This intervention does not postulates a patient's consent"
be designed to hold or take; "This surface will not take the dye"
Keywords:  salvatori, kick, catch, fielder, keeper
A good catch of a kick.
Salvatori wants the ball
a well executed catch of a kicked ball.
Keywords:  elint, recon, sigint, missions, photo
Common term for the results of photo recon, Elint or Sigint missions
To make selection of; to choose; also, to turn to; to have recourse to; as, to take the road to the right.
pick out, select, or choose from a number of alternatives; "Take any one of these cards"; "Choose a good husband for your daughter"; "She selected a pair of shoes from among the dozen the salesgirl had shown her"
Keywords:  talkback, tangential, mode, room
Talkback Tangential Room Mode
a nice way of saying that the developer will pay money that will be used for tortoise conservation elsewhere in the state, and the tortoises on the development site will be left to fend for themselves
Keywords:  benny, comedic, audience, jack, facial
a comedic facial reaction. Like the long Jack Benny take to the audience.
Industry term for what journalists call the "angle," as in, "What's the new take on the O.J. Simpson situation that would justify doing another movie?"
Keywords:  balk, undertake, fence, hedge, refuse
Not to refuse or balk at; to undertake readily; to clear; as, to take a hedge or fence.
Keywords:  bamboo
Keywords:  succeed, reception, gain
To please; to gain reception; to succeed.
Keywords:  deduce, draw, derive
To draw; to deduce; to derive.
n. A position in a discussion or argument (as in: "My take is we shouldn't do that.").
Keywords:  vengeance, steps, carry, action
carry out; "take action"; "take steps"; "take vengeance"
proceed along in a vehicle; "We drive the turnpike to work"
Take me along Take up fee
travel or go by means of a certain kind of transportation, or a certain route; "He takes the bus to work"; "She takes Route 1 to Newark"
take into consideration for exemplifying purposes; "Take the case of China"; "Consider the following case"
Keywords:  euro, bankers, agree, buy, speak
Buyers "take" offerings when they agree to buy at the offering price.
(1) A dealer or customer who agrees to buy at another dealer's offered price is said to take that offer. (2) Also, Euro bankers speak of taking deposits rather than buying money.
Keywords:  rake, another, term
Another term for the rake.
To acquire, frequently by force but preferably by stealth.
A singular section of video which when put together with others makes a program.
A section of a running story.
Keywords:  exam, bar, reading, student, subject
be a student of a certain subject; "She is reading for the bar exam"
Keywords:  receipts, retail, daily, checks, cash
A retail store's daily receipts, e.g., cash, checks, credit cards.
Keywords:  arising, average, return, land, income
the income arising from land or other property; "the average return was about 5%"
Keywords:  regular, day, receive, payment, times
receive or obtain by regular payment; "We take the Times every day"
Keywords:  directly, seller, buyer, back, loan
back mortgage A loan made directly from the seller to the buyer.