Definitions for "Buyer"
One who buys; a purchaser.
The buyer is the person that will be making the purchase of the vehicle.
The purchaser; one who buys real estate.
A member of the travel trade who reserves room blocks from accommodations or coordinates the development of a travel product.
A representative of a retail store who places orders for products that will be sold in the store, usually by traveling to manufacturers' showrooms.
An individual whose functions may include supplier selection, negotiation, order placement, follow-up, measurement and control of supplier performance, value analysis, evaluation of new materials and processes, etc. In some companies, the functions of order releasing against already-existing contracts and supplier follow-up are handled by a buyer/planner.
system member, which sends funds to merchant; same as payer
a FeaturePics website member who has placed at least one image into his/her WishBox
a valuable member of each manufacturing unit, and an essential part of the team
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See obligor and transferee
Person who buys or contracts to buy goods.
a person who buys
Person buying the relinquished property
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a Taiwanese company of BenQ known as a manufacturer of LCD screens, computer equipment and mobile phones distributed in Asian region
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a speculator
a person that searches for or views advertisements for plants and other gardening related products on gardennut
One who has bought merchandise, books, records, information or services.Unless another modifying word or two is used, it is assumed that a buyer has paid for all merchandise to date.
Party to which merchandise is sold.
a GoIndustry-registered user who is permitted to bid on equipment posted to the GoIndustry Web site
Representation Agreement An that agreement specifies the duties and the scope of services a buyer representative agrees to provide to the buyer as well as specifying the buyers responsibilities. In some states, where there is no written agreement required, the agent will be presumed to be representing the buyer. Consult with your local REALTOR for complete details when you first start the search for any real estate property.
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a resident of Oregon as well as California
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The overseas customer. Also called the "customer".
a partially-independent sub-trader
An enterprise that arranges for the acquisition of goods or services and agrees to payment terms for such goods or services. Return to the top of the page
a consumer who is looking for a service
A person or firm that acquires possession, ownership, or rights to the product by payment of money, goods, and/or services.
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In a sales contract, the person who arranges to pay the sales price and takes ownership of the property.
The person or group representative who signs the contract and pays for the speaker.
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The person who wants to acquire the exchanger's property. In a three- or four-party exchange, the buyer usually has cash.
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