Definitions for "speculator"
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One who engages in speculation; one who buys and sells goods, land, etc., with the expectation of deriving profit from fluctuations in price.
Person who buys and sells goods in the hope of making a profit from his view on the evolution of the market.
One who is interested in profiting from a price change in a commodity futures contract. Speculators may trade from the floor of an exchange if they are members, or through a broker if they are not.
One who speculates. Specifically: (a) An observer; a contemplator; hence, a spy; a watcher.
A person who invests in highly risky securities.
An investor with a high level of uncertainty in his investments. Normally invests in volitile securities and has a short term investment horizon.
A term that was loosely applied to individuals who acquired land without any intention of settling on it. Speculators withdrew land from settlement until it had increased in value. Although the federal government enacted a number of regulations designed to restrict land speculation, it was unable to eliminate the practice completely.
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One who forms theories; a theorist.
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Speed Spider
someone who makes conjectures without knowing the facts
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a man who observes the future, and acts before it occurs
A person who acquires title or legal control of real estate with the belief that due to changing market conditions the property can be sold at a future date for more than what was initially invested. Such action is particularly common in viable real estate markets where cities or communities are growing rapidly and the direction of growth is toward a particular part of the city.
One who engages in speculation.Speculation is the practice of selecting investments...
Anyone who engages in speculation. May include those who transfer their assets into different forms (or currencies) in order to avoid a prospective capital loss.