Definitions for "squeeze"
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A period of tight monetary policy, when interest rates are high and borrowing is difficult.
Pressure or constraint used to force the making of a gift, concession, or the like; exaction; extortion; as, to put the squeeze on someone.
A playing technique whereby the defender(s) are forced to discard a vital card.
Period when stocks or commodities futures increase in price and investors who have sold short must cover their short positions to prevent loss of large amounts of money.
A characteristic of a market where traders are forced to liquidate at unfavorable prices. An example would be a market where there are more long positions willing to take delivery than commodity available for delivery. Holders of short positions wanting to get out of the market are forced to offset at higher prices.
Situation in which those who are short cannot repurchase their contracts, except at a price substantially higher than the value of these contracts in relation to the rest of the market.
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To press between two bodies; to press together closely; to compress; often, to compress so as to expel juice, moisture, etc.; as, to squeeze an orange with the fingers; to squeeze the hand in friendship.
Fig.: To oppress with hardships, burdens, or taxes; to harass; to crush.
To force, or cause to pass, by compression; often with out, through, etc.; as, to squeeze water through felt.
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a situation in which increased costs cannot be passed on to the customer; "increased expenses put a squeeze on profits"
Pain or discomfort in an enclosed space (sinuses, middle ears, inside a face mask) caused by shrinkage of that space; occurs on descent
A pressure-related situation resulting from the failure to equalise on descent. Air-filled cavities such as sinuses, the middle ear, mask and dry-suits are the most commonly affected.
To take advantage of the opponent's obligation to make a move. You leave him in a position where the only move he is able to make will damage his position (usually to break a point).
a type of zone defence used to force attacking players to move the ball to the wings to gain and/or take advantage of an overlap (by which time the defence should have re-aligned itself).
To take advantage of the adversary's impulse to move any playable roll.
The gradual closing of workings by the weight of the overlying strata.
The settling, without breaking, of the roof and the gradual upheaval of the floor of a mine due to the weight of the overlying strata.
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Squeeze were an English rock music band that came to prominence in the New Wave period of the late 1970s. The group formed in London in 1974. They are known for their hit songs "Cool For Cats," "Up The Junction," "Tempted," "Black Coffee In Bed," and "Hourglass," among others.
Squeeze was the fifth and last studio album released by the Velvet Underground name. Squeeze was primarily written and recorded by singer-guitarist Doug Yule in a London recording studio, following the departures of Lou Reed and Sterling Morrison.
Squeeze is Fiona's fourth album.
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To press; to urge one's way, or to pass, by pressing; to crowd; -- often with through, into, etc.; as, to squeeze hard to get through a crowd.
the act of gripping and pressing firmly; "he gave her cheek a playful squeeze"
press firmly; "He squeezed my hand"
Any place in a cave which has to be passed with the body in its narrowest position, which is one arm raised above the head and the other near the body.
An opening in a cave only passable with effort because of its small dimensions.
Diminution of depth in a stereogram in relation to the other two dimensions, usually resulting from a viewing distance closer than the optimum (especially in projection). The opposite effect to stretch.
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stagflation stagnation
Exploiting a bind by the gradual build-up of pressure upon the enemy's position. This is done by creating more new threats until your opponent cannot meet them all.
To look slowly at the extremities of your hole cards, without removing them from the table, to worry your opponents and heighten the drama.
To slowly look at your pocket cards with lifting them off the table.
A facsimile impression taken in some soft substance, as pulp, from an inscription on stone.
a papier-mache impression
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"Squeeze" is a 1993 episode of The X-Files television series. It was the third episode aired in the show's first season, and only the second to be produced after the pilot. "Squeeze" was the first "monster-of-the-week" episode of the series, as the prior two episodes had dealt with alien abduction and UFOs.
an attempt to limit (but not totally freeze) increases in pay, profits, credit, etc.
an aggressive attempt to compel acquiescence by the concentration or manipulation of power
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(slang) a person's girlfriend or boyfriend; "she was his main squeeze"
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thin ridge of fine paste and release that may form between the texture mats while stamping.
squirt stamp
Keywords:  wring, wet, twisting, cloth
a twisting squeeze; "gave the wet cloth a wring"
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When the roof was bad on the coalface a "squeeze" would take place. It was very dangerous
squeeze tightly between the fingers; "He pinched her behind"; "She squeezed the bottle"
The snapping of the fingers as the ball is delivered.
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To bet or raise against a player with a strong hand in order to extract more money from a third player with a weaker hand.
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Action by a central bank to reduce supply in order to increase the price of money.
Pressure on a particular delivery date which makes the price of that date higher in relation to other dates.