Definitions for "Spreading"
Branches that are widely ascending to divergent from the main axis.
Diverging nearly at right angles ; nearly prostrate.
Diverging at nearly a right angle from a structure; nearly prostrate.
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Buying and selling futures contracts on the same order to be executed at the same time. An example is placing an order to buy Dec Corn futures @ 3.00 and to sell Sep Corn futures @ 3.00 (0 cents premium) with the anticipation that Dec futures will gain value faster than Sep Corn futures (as in prices building "Full Carry").
The simultaneous buying and selling of two related markets in the expectation that a profit will be made when the position is offset.
The purchase of one futures contract and the sale of another in an attempt to profit from the change in price differences between the two contracts. Inter-market, intercommodity, inter-delivery, and commodity product are examples of spreads.
the tumor can go either superficially along the mucosa or infiltrating within the wall.
The separation of plates such as the spreading that occurs along midocean ridges.
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spreading by diffusion
When two colours print next to each other, the lighter colour is spread a tiny amount to eliminate the possibility of white space occurring due to imperfect registration.
A process used to illuminate small areas of white appearing around light coloured text when it reverses out of a dark background. The lighter text is grown slightly (spread) to create a lock-on to allow for the slight movement that occurs when printing.
plants that are usually aggressive in growth habit and generally spread by stolons or rhizomes
spreading over a wide area; "under the spreading chestnut tree"; "the spreading circle of lamplight"; "wide-spreading branches"
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process or result of distributing or extending over a wide expanse of space
act of extending over a wider scope or expanse of space or time
the opening of a subject to widespread discussion and debate
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See "trapping".
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See Spectrum Spreading.
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Increasing the width of a metal bar.
The action of flowing out over a surface during application.