Definitions for "Ascending"
Rising; moving upward; as, an ascending kite.
Growing obliquely upward, or up-curved.
tending to grow upward, slightly leaning to somewhat erect.
A series of notes going from a low to a high pitch.
Ascending is a science fiction novel by the Canadian writer James Alan Gardner, published in 2001 by HarperCollins Publishers under its various imprints.HarperCollins, Avon, HarperCollins Canada, SFBC/Avon; paperback edition 2001, Eos Books. It is the fifth novel in Gardner's League of Peoples series,After Expendable (1997), Commitment Hour (1998), Vigilant (1999), and Hunted (2000). and a direct sequel to the first novel in the series, Expendable (1997), in that it picks up the dual story of Festina Ramos, Explorer turned admiral, and the transparent glass woman Oar, where the earlier novel left off.
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reaching into the sky alsa wood are fair-weather friends/ can't be relied on/ are your own thoughts/ are angels (imaginary/ spiritual friends)
when the disc of the fruit is convex or raised between the staminophore and the valves
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This term is equivalent to " afferent".
Toward the cerebral cortex (in the context of CNS pathways)
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going up in rank, as 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ...
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Sort order from A-Z ሽቅብታ View
A method of ordering a group of items from lowest to highest, such as from A to Z.