Definitions for "Items"
A representation of database table's column in the EUL. Presenting columns as items allows the Discoverer manager to make formatting changes, name changes and other similar changes enabling the user to clearly read the data. Items are stored in folders and can be created, deleted, and moved among different folders. JInitiator A software plug-in that ensures a consistent Java Virtual Machine (i.e. the software environment used by Discoverer) between different releases of a browser.
Objects imported from files into the Acquisition Station (graphic images, documents, audio and video clips, etc.).
An item is a unit of a collection. It may be large or small, and it may itself contain parts or smaller units. Every item in NSDL is part of a collection. Typically, items are web pages, but they can also be images, video, datasets, and computer programs.
Drug products. In particular, an item is the elementary particle of all pharmaceutical transactions. In the case of pharmaceuticals, each item is identified by its NDC.
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equipment rarity, types; quest, bound, player created, stacking, and set items.
Any set of stimuli intended to provide a structural framework for observing examinee responses; synonymous with tasks, exercises, and attributes
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Distinct part s in a list, group, or series, or articles or object s of interest or concern. [D02907] Webster
Elements in a list or menu.
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10 15 25 Per Page Alphabetical Index
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Boxes, files etc.. that the client has given File and Data to be stored.