Definitions for "NDC"
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National Data Centre, pursuant to the CTBT.
National destination code. A code field within the ITU-T Recommendation E.164 numbering plan which combined with the caller's or called party's number (in ITU-T terms the subscriber's number (SN)) will constitute the national (significant) number of the international ISDN number. The NDC will have a network and/or trunk code selection function.
National Diving Committee. This the BSAC committee that oversees all diving activities of the club, as opposed to administrative details.
A shorthand for New Deal for Communities.
Newcastle New Deal for Communities has £55 million and a ten-year opportunity to make changes in our area - but we want life in the West End to carry on getting better long after our Government funding runs out. That's why we have set up a limited company, New Deal for Communities (Newcastle) Limited, which, like the programme itself, is led by local residents. The company runs some of our projects and will play a vital role in continuing our work after 2010.
New Deal for Communities is a government programme to regenerate 39 very deprived areas across England over a ten-year period.
Normalized Device Coordinates. A graphics coordinate system relative to the device.
See normalized device coordinates.
normalized device coordinates. In GL, coordinates in the range from -1 to 1. All primitives that draw within the unit cube are visible on the screen (unless masked by the screen mask). See also transformation, unit cube.
Naskapi Development Corporation
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Naval Doctrine Command
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Non Dairy cattle