Definitions for "NPA"
Numeric Planning Area. The technical term for what we call an area code.
Numbering Plan Area -- the first 3 digits of the 10-digit telephone number usually used to designate a geographic area.
In the North American numbering system, the first three digits in the 10-digit addressing scheme also known as the area code.
Natural population analysis. Considered better than Mulliken populations for assigning atomic charges; results are fairly independent of the basis set. Theory based upon chemical concepts of bonds, lone pairs, etc.
(Natural Population Analysis) A method for determining atomic charge distributions in a molecule. Based on creating atomic natural orbitals from the molecular orbitals, by finding eigenfunctions of atomic sub-blocks of the molecular density matrix, based on chemical concepts of bonds, lone pairs, etc. Fairly independent of basis set.
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Network Performance Analyzer. Performance monitor, now superseded by NPM.
network performance analyzer. A function of NCP that collects performance data about devices. The data is recorded by NPM.
New People's Army based in the Philippines
a terrorist organization that is the militant wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines; a Maoist organization formed to overthrow the government; uses hit squads called Sparrow Units; opposes United States military presence in the Philippines
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NORMAL PENSION AGE. 1. Commonly the age by reference to which the normal pension date is determined. 2.  The statutory definition (relevant for preservation and contracting out purposes) is generally the earliest age at which a member is entitled to receive benefits (other than the GMP) on his/her retirement from employment to which the scheme relates ignoring any special provisions as to early retirement on grounds of ill health or otherwise (s180 PSA93). This is commonly interpreted to mean the earliest age at which a member has a right to take benefits without reduction. This may be different from definition 1 above or normal retirement age.
Normal pension age. This is the earliest age that a member can usually take their full pension benefits . Somebody retiring before this age will usually get a lower pension, but this may not apply with ill-health early retirement .
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NasoPharyngeal Airway.
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n-propyl alcohol
Non performing assets. Loans that are not being repaid or serviced through interest payments on time.... more on: Non performing assets (NPA)
One of the two types of food stamp households.  NPA (non-public assistance) households are those in which no one or only some of the members receive TANF.
Non Performing Assests
Note Printing Australia Limited. Wholly owned subsidiary of Reserve Bank of Australia. Based at Craigieburn, Victoria, NPA prints currency notes for Australia and some other countries on polymer substrate.
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Nulle Part Ailleurs
National Parks Association
National Police Agency
National Park Authority
Notification Of Personnel Action
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Northwest Power Act
Nurse Practitioner Association
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New Program Alert